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    Arrow Saajid is just a big mouth: Farah Khan

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    Saajid is just a big mouth: Farah Khan
    Farah Khan, the very popular choreographer turned director who has been making waves in the tinsel town with her movies has been blessed by motherhood very recently.

    After facing the television camera as a judge in Indian Idol, she is now preparing herself to judge Star Plus' new reality, calling for a battle between the Challengers and the Champions ? 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star'. On the hot seat along with her, will be ace music directors, Vishal-Shekar.

    In between her busy schedule, the new mom, Farah took time to talk to us..

    Q.: How will you be able to take time out from your busy schedule for your children?
    A.: The specialty behind this show is that I have to give just a single day in a week. If they would have required more time I would never have accepted it, as I have to take out time for my children too. With my recent schedule I can feed my children and come to the shooting. After completing it, I can go back to my children again.

    Q.: Do you like the drama that generally goes on in these reality shows?
    A.: Yeah, I enjoy them very well. I really have fun when one judge leaves the set reacting to the comment of the other judges.

    In this show there will be children who already have become stars because of their appearance in different reality shows. They will once again have the chance to prove their excellence.

    Maybe we will have a chance to witness their age old enmity, and we may have more fun out of those situations.

    Q.: In all the reality shows we see the actual talent remain the runner up because of the votes submitted by audience. Don't you think it's better to allow the audience a mere ten percent and keep the rest in the hands of the judges?
    A.: I agree with you but we cannot forget the emotions of the audience, too. As judges are required for any such show, audience's involvement is also required in the way of making the show popular. SMS voting is the major reason of their involvement in the show.

    Otherwise they would have watched these shows like any other saas bahu serial and would like to have forgotten them as soon as they are off air. And in that way it justifies the names of the shows.

    Truly speaking if there is the maestro of Indian music taking the hundred percent of the judging responsibility, then also the audience would complain about the wrong judgment. It's better to maintain a balance by allowing them fifty percent power.

    I think it's a better beginning for us. Guess we get more power afterwards.

    Q.: There must be some children whom you already have judged.
    A.: I will treat all of them with equal chances. I'll never have their history attached to me and neither any previous acquaintance. There will be different shades for each new day. It'll be like a boxing match for all of us.

    You can never say whether Amit Sana is good or Rahul Baidya is better or even if Prajakta Sukre is performing better. There will be the ultimate moment when one of them will snatch away the honor from all others.

    Q.: How will you utilize your fifty percent power?
    A.: There is no question of makeover now. Neither are we looking at the fact as how simple someone is. There's no question of even preparing someone as they already have done hundreds of shows and have become rock stars.

    Their performance will be their introduction. All of them are bests but the ultimate performance will prove the best among them.

    Q.: Don't you think your responsibility has increased due to that fifty percent power?
    A.: I don't think so. I think we will get half the curses because of having half the power.

    Q.: What are you going to make after "OSO"? Please tell us about that.
    A.: It's quite tough to talk about that. As of now, I can tell you that the story of the film is ready and you will watch my next film in the next year.

    Q.: Will your friend, Shahrukh, be in this film also?
    A.: Let me first write the story nah. I'll reveal everything at the right time. Right now I can only ask you to wait.

    Q.: You call these singers as celebrities but they don't have chance to sing in films. How do you feel?
    A.: This is the same scenario with all the industries. Talking about these singers we must not forget about those singers who came to the industry from these shows and have proved their expertise.

    We can easily remember names of Sunidhi, Shreya and Sonu Nigam. Yeah, it's true that no recent names have come to the fore from the latest line. But it's not true that they are not doing anything.

    They are quite busy in concerts. At the same time they go to world tours, too. They don't have to remain as mere co-singers. As Sonu Nigam, too, did not want to continue with his appearance as co-singer.

    Q.: You were a choreographer. Still you prefer to appear in reality shows regarding songs.
    A.: I am open to those shows also. If they call me I'll judge their shows also. And I have never thought in that way otherwise I would have appeared in "Jhalak Dikhla Ja" in place of "Indian Idol".

    Q.: Will you produce any show for television in future?
    A.: Sure. I have not planned anything, but I will surely try something out.

    Q.: What would you like to tell us about you playing three different roles as choreographer, director and mother?
    A.: I think no male will understand that matter. But I have seen my maid who has four children. She resumed her job after having the fourth child.

    I cannot complain to anyone about the matter or would never like to prove my generosity. She works so hard and despite that she has no comfort in life while I have all my staff, mother in law and my mom.

    At the same time I can get a caretaker for my children. Looking at all the sides I now have no problem dealing with all my roles that life has offered me.

    Q.: How would you like to describe your experience of attaining motherhood?
    A.: It's the funniest and most memorable experience in my life. It was the best moment when I took my children in my hands.

    Q.: Do you see any change in your life after having three children?
    A.: It's still the same with me. And I don't want to crown myself for that.

    Q.: Your mother told us that her children have earned this industry an amount of five hundred crores. What do you think?
    A.: My mom said that? But when?

    Q.: Actually Saajid told us.
    A.: Saajid! Oh, he is just a big mouth. - Rajnee Gupta



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