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    Cool Jimmy's Grow Your Own Christmas Dinner 2011

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    Jimmy's Grow Your Own Christmas Dinner: immy Doherty finds out where the food on our Christmas plate comes from and how it's changed over the years. Our Christmas dinner feels like it's been around forever, but in fact much of it is a surprisingly recent invention. In this one-hour programme, Jimmy Doherty tries to find out where the food on our Christmas plate comes from historically, and how it has evolved in the age of mass production. To find out, Jimmy has spent months growing and making his own traditional dinner from scratch - to discover if it tastes better than the modern turkey and trimmings provided by the giant supermarket farms and factories. Jimmy's 1845 recipe for Christmas pudding, with silver trinkets and cow stomach, may have matured for months before being served, but will it taste better than a microwaveable modern pud? And can he nurse his knobbly heritage variety vegetables (potatoes, sprouts and carrots) through the attentions of numerous farm pests just to compete with their washed, graded and uniform counterparts from the supermarkets? Jimmy's best mate Jamie Oliver is on hand to help decide the winner.

    Ch4.Jimmys.Grow.Your.Own.Christmas.Dinner.otep39 | SockShare click to watch


    Ch4.Jimmys.Grow.Your.Own.Christmas.Dinner.otep39 | PutLocker click to watch

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