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    Talking Mera Bawa Jeha - Aman Yanak[LATEST SINGLE TRACK]

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    Singer -
    Lyrics & Video - Babal Tehna (Babbal Tehna)
    Music- Pav Dharia

    Mera Bawa Jeha - Aman Yanak.mp3

    Once "KARAN" participated in a race, He came 1st. Einstein died after watching that, Bcoz Light Came 2nd

    When "KARAN" was in 3rd Grade, teacher told him to write an essay on anything, today that essay is know as WIKIPEDIA

    In early days "KARAN" was wrote his biography, now that book is knows as GUINNESS BOOK WORLD RECORDS

    When "KARAN" does push ups, he is not lifting himself up, actually he is pushing the earth down

    Once "KARAN" was hit a Six, and that ball is today know as PLUTO

    ..::Hope you got, who "KARAN" is::..




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