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    Default Mahua Gujarati shelved!

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    Due to budget constraints, Mahua channel decides to scrap their Gujarati addition...

    We had earlier reported exclusively about Mahua channel launching its two new regional channels, Mahua Gujarati and Mahua Marwari. But according to the latest development, Mahua Gujarati has been called off by the channel and only Mahua Marwari will see the light of the day on December 28th of this year.

    A little birdie informs Us, "The launch of Mahua Marwari and Gujarati was postponed by the channel due to some reasons. Mahua Gujarati was about to launch sometime in mid October or early November, therefore various producers were penning down various shows. Jd Majethia was planning to bring a reality show for the channel whereas Yash Patnaik was gearing up for a thriller love story. Sudeep Sahir too had created a detective show for the channel. But now they have taken it back."

    We hear that the reason behind scrapping the channel was the less budget that made the channel to launch only one channel.

    Sudeep Sahir affirms the news stating, "Even I have heard something like this but I won't like to talk on the same right now."

    Well, this piece of news has really dropped a bomb on the makers.



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