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    Default Akshay Kumar: Herogiri!

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    Akshay Kumar is working multiple shifts to promote his movie Desi Boyz. Sandra from Bandra says he was with John Abraham at a function at a Bandra chhap college. It was the college's festival day and all the students, particularly the girls, were too excited about the actors visiting the campus. The actors were dancing on stage when a girl, in her attempt to reach out to the actors, fell off. The boys around her didn't notice it and continued to dance.

    In the process, the girl, trying to stand up again, was continuously getting hurt... either someone's elbow would hit her or someone's foot would t stamp hers. Akshay saw her and decided to rescue her. He jumped down from the stage and held the girl's hand, pulled her out of the crowd and made her stand on stage between John and him. Good, at least Akki lived up to his khiladi action hero image... unlike some people we know who have different images on and off screen.



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