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    Talking Hillarious Medical Abbreviations

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    ABITHAD - Another Blithering Idiot - Thinks He's A Doctor.

    ADR - Ain't Doin' Right.

    ART - Assuming Room Temperature (recently deceased).

    ATSWWT - Always Thinks Something's Wrong With Them.

    CTD - Circling The Drain.

    DAAD - Dead As A Doornail.

    DRT - Dead Right There.

    FDGB - Fall Down Go Boom.

    FFFF - Female, Fat, Forty and Flatulent.

    FF or FFY - Frequent Flyer - A patient who returns to a medical provider for everything.

    FLD - Funny Looking Dad.

    FLK - Funny Looking Kid.

    FOS - Full Of ... Stool.

    FTD - Fixing To Die.

    FTF - Failure To Fly.

    FTW - Friggin Train Wreck (patient with multiple problems).

    GFPO - Good For Parts Only.

    GGTG - Gomers Go To Ground (they fall out of bed or gurneys).

    GLM - Good Looking Mum.

    GOMER - Get Out of My Emergency Room.

    GTO - Gomer Tip Over.

    LOLINAD - Little Old Lady In No Acute Distress.

    MFC - Measure For Coffin.

    NFS - Normal For Swindon.

    O2T - Oxygen Thief.

    ODD&DDR - Out 'De Door and Down 'De Road.

    PBBB - Pine Box By Bedside.

    PIP - Pyjama Induced Paralysis.

    PITA - Pain In The A**.

    PJAR - Person Just Ain't Right.

    SALT - Same As Last Time.

    SNEFS - Sub-Normal Even For Suffolk.

    SWAG - Scientific, wild-A** Guess.

    TBW - Tossed By Wave.

    TEETH - Tried Everything Else; Try Homeopathy.

    TEON - Two Eyes One Nose.

    TMB - Too Many Birthdays.

    TOBAS - Take Out Back And Shoot.

    TTGA - Told To Go Away.

    WDWNF - Well Developed Well Nourished Female.

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    Thank you for sharing with us .



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