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    Default Survivor Series Party Today, CM Punk's GTS Pizza, Good Reviews for WWE '12

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    - The WWE Survivor Series party with CM Punk will take place today from 12-2pm at Madison Square Garden in New York City and is free to fans. Punk will be taking questions from fans. THQ will have WWE '12 setup for fans to play also.

    - Speaking of Punk, Ian's Pizza in Chicago has issued a press release to hype the return of Punk's GTS Pizza. The pizza will be available through Thanksgiving week.

    "Its incredible, people would not stop asking for the G.T.S. Punkís fans just started pouring out of the woodwork to show their support by eating his namesake," says Ianís managing partner Dimitri Syrkin-Nikolau.

    - IGN has reviewed the new WWE '12 video game and given it a 9 out of 10 rating. WWE must be happy with the early reviews as this is the best review for a WWE video game in some time.

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