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    Default Dostana’s sequel soon

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    Well we might get to see the hottest pair of Bollywood come together one more time. Racking your brains as to which pair we are talking about. Who else but Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham! The sensational duo made us laugh our head off with their rib tickling comedy in ‘Dostana’.

    The entire team is thrilled about making the sequel. The director has said that he feels there is room to carry the story forward. He has also expressed that he would love to direct a sequel. The director who was busily involved in another film has put that project on hold to fully concentrate on developing a good script for ‘Dostana’s sequel.

    The film will have the lead pair, but there will also be more cast involved. We are quite unsure if Priyanka Chopra will find her name in the credits. If ‘Dostana’ was canned in the US then its sequel will shift to Punjab where the unit plans to shoot most of the scenes. Talks are going on for new characters being introduced in the sequel.

    If things move on as planned, we will soon get to see the hot hunkies of Bollywood, all set to tickle our funny bones yet another time!

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    wow hope if they do make it...its gonna be awesome!!! Thnx for sharin!

    THnx so much Falu!!! So HOT!

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    Thanks A lot For Sharing



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