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    Husband: Doctor my wife thinks she痴 a dish antenna.

    Doctor: Its a psychiatric problem, but I can cure her.

    Husband: No doctor, don稚 cure her, just tell me how do I adjust it to my favorite channel.


    Nurse: Doctor, the man you致e just treated died on the entrance of our clinic ?

    Doctor: Turn him around so it looks like he was just arriving!


    Tom goes to office with both of his ears bandaged up. His Manager ask, 展hat happened to your ears?

    Tom replies, 添esterday I was ironing my clothes when my mobile rang, and I accidentally answered the iron.

    Manager says, 展ell, that explains about one ear, but what happened to your other ear?

    He says, 展ell, I had to call the doctor!
    ...being a human...



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