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    Default I want longevity in my career: Freida Pinto

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    There may be buzz that Slumdog girl Freida Pinto has moved in with boyfriend Dev Patel into a $1.5mn (Rs 7cr) home in Los Angeles, but she denies the reports and says its only work on her mind for now. With Dev, she maintains, Its the same as it was yesterday.

    The 27-year-old, whose film Immortals opened on Friday, says, I want longevity in my career it doesnt really matter if its an eight minute or an hour-long role You are not always on top of the mountain in this business and thats part of the job. But striving to always be the best and more importantly to get better with every experience is what I am doing.

    Luckily enough, she adds shes had a great balance in her career. Its a whirlwind ride ... its amazing what has happened so far.

    Pinto first met the India-born director of Immortals Tarsem Singh in November 2009 in Los Angeles. She was already a big fan of two of his movies, The Fall (2006) and The Cell (2000), and when he told her he wanted to make a film like the Caravaggio paintings, she was excited. I knew if there was one person who could give me a different look, it would be Tarsem, she says.

    Ask her how has the actor given back to the country and she says, I believe any contribution you do, of any kind, can never be compared to what your country has done for you. I have miles to go before I can answer that question and Im working hard every day.



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