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    Default How Shahid replaced Saif...

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    A lot has been said about Shahid Kapoor’s double role in Kaminey, his mean streak, dark shades, et al
    Shahid Kapoor

    But sorry to break your heart dearies, little do you know that at very the onset this role wasn’t even meant for Shahid at all. Yep, our sources revealed that Vishal Bharadwaj had initially discussed the role with none than Saif Ali Khan. And our dude was raring to go all over again, but after much thought Vishal zeroed in on the younger SK. Well, Vishal is very fond of Kareena Kapoor, and he thinks highly of Saif as an actor, so one would assume that the Khan man would be his first choice, right?

    Nah, for while all of Vishal’s friendships, favourites and films may have their own place; he’s very particular about his scripts and casting. Firstly he realised a younger actor would fit the role better; secondly, Shahid came with a chocolate-boy-look, and that was exactly the challenge Vishal was looking for. To turn around a sweet Shahid into a shrewd Shahid, just like he transformed the suave and sexy Saif into Langda Tyagi for Omkara. With Saif it worked wonders, now we’re waiting to see what kinda kamina he can make out of Shahid. Saifoo, what do ya think of that?

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