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    Default CM Punk Asked About ďThe Next Big ThingĒ in WWE and More

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    - CM Punk spoke with while in Australia last month. Here are some highlights from the website:

    Youíve had the spotlight cast on you in a big way in the past few months; with the reaction to your recent storyline on WWE, do you think weíll start seeing some more real life elements coming through on WWE television?

    I hope so. I think some guys are good at it and some guys arenít, and with me itís never really been about that. Iím not really a character; Iím not an astronaut, Iím not an evil foreign menace Ė Iím not trying to be something Iím not. Iím a straight edge kid from Chicago, and we can spin that in different ways, in different situations but what it boils down to [is that] Iím not really trying to be like a cartoon character, so Iím definitely more, I guess, reality-based as youíd expect.

    Which other superstars do you think we should be keeping an eye on? Whoís going to be the ďnext big thingĒ?

    Oh boy, itís really hard to pick who the next big thing is and I donít really like saying ďthe next big thingĒ. I think weíve got a lot of great young talent Ė me being one of them you know. I think Randy Orton hasnít hit his peak yet, I think John Cena hasnít hit his stride yet, but as far as like talent that doesnít get their fair shake, youíve got Zack Ryder, I think Dolph Ziggler will eventually come into his own in a couple of years.

    Then thereís guys that are down in developmental territories that are still getting [ready]. Theyíre still working to even show their face on TV, so thereís a lot of guys and girls out there. I always put over Beth Phoenix and Nattie Neidhart (Natalya) because they are pretty much the only girls in the WWE that didnít start off as models;theyíre wrestlers first, and theyíre wrestlers just like me Ė so I have much love for those two girls.



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