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    Default WWE RAW Results (11/7) - Kevin Nash Responds To His Attack On HHH, Ryder/Cena vs Awesome Truth

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    John Cena comes out to a mixed reaction and he talks about Wrestlemania tickets going on sale before talking about teaming up with the Rock at Survivor Series. He says he is angry because everyone is talking about next week's RAW because the Rock will return, but Cena thinks they should talk about tonight. He says tonight is important because it is the first RAW in Liverpool, but he gets interrupted by Awesome Truth. Miz says all he has been hearing is how Cena embarrassed them, but they are going to up the ante and put him through hell at Survivor Series. Cena beat him last week, but they beat him down two weeks ago and he is the guy who pinned him at Wrestlemania.
    Miz says he hopes Cena recorded what happened on his DVR because it will never happen again, and they are going to leave him with a lasting impression tonight. R-Truth says he wants everyone to keep laughing because they will not be laughing after their match at Survivor Series and Cena's partner tonight is gonna get got. Cena mocks them as they head towards the ring and he says his partner is a rising star, but Miz says it doesn't matter who it is, because his time is up. Miz and Truth get on the apron then attack Cena but they get interrupted by Zack Ryder who runs out to make the save. He tosses Miz out of the ring then hits Truth with the Rough Ryder, then he and Cena fist pump and shake hands as Awesome Truth retreat to the back.
    Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs John Morrison
    Morrison applies an armlock but Dolph reverses into a side headlock then Morrison counters back in to one of his own and follows it with a hiptoss. Dolph kicks him in the ribs then sends him off the ropes but Morrison catches him with a flapjack and goes back to a headlock. Dolph counters with a jawbreaker and goes for a cover, then follows it with a suplex attempt but Morrison floats over and kicks him in the head. Morrison runs the ropes but Dolph pops back up and clotheslines him as RAW goes to a commercial break
    When we return, Dolph has Morrison in a side headlock then grabs his hair and slams his head to the mat, then uses his knee to rub his head in the mat. He continues the offense by dropping a knee on his head and a dropkick, then follows it with a neckbreaker and kips up and taunts the fans. He kicks Morrison to the mat and slaps him but Morrison runs him into the corner and unloads on him until Dolph gets an elbow up. He throws his elbow into Morrison's neck then punches him and follows with a clothesline, then Morrison almost gets a quick pin but Dolph goes right back to the neck. Morrison punches his way out and Dolph goes for another neckbreaker but Morrison slingshots him into the corner and hits some clotheslines.
    Dolph tries to shove him off the ropes but Morrison counters with a tornado DDT and gets a two count before setting up for Starship Pain. Dolph rolls out of the way and gets a near fall then avoids a running knee and goes for another cover but Morrison kicks out at two. Dolph knocks him back down with a standing legdrop then tries to apply a sleeperhold but Morrison holds on to the ropes and hits a Flying Chuck. He makes the cover but Vickie gets on the apron to distract the ref and Dolph tries to reverse the pin, only to have Morrison roll through and pick up the win.
    Winner - John Morrison
    Mason Ryan vs JTG
    Mason tells JTG to come at him and throws him to the ground then hits a shoulder block, and whips him into the corner but JTG leaps and stops on the ropes. He jumps off but Mason catches him and throws him across the ring, then lifts him up on his shoulder and and throws him in the corner. He rams his shoulder into JTG's stomach then hiptosses him, and follows it with a big boot when JTG tries to Irish whip him. Mason picks him up and bodyslams him, then puts him in a full nelson and slams him down to win the match.
    Winner - Mason Ryan
    The Bella Twins are talking about England in the back when Zack Ryder runs down the hall and talks about tonight being his night. He says tonight won't be like the last time when he got jumped, but the Bellas laugh and tell him to look out behind him. Zack says tonight is going to be great, then gets them to say "Woo Woo Woo... You Know It" before running off down the hall. Back in the arena, Michael Cole reads a fake note from the airline company that says JR was detained from flying because he brought too much barbecue sauce on the plane with him. He says if JR shows up next week, RAW won't get "Rocked", it will get "Cole'd."
    Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston
    Alberto punches Kofi and tries to apply the Cross Armbreaker but Kofi fights him off and dropkicks him to the floor. He dives outside but Alberto moves out of the way and kicks him in the ribs, then brings him back inside and punches his shoulder. Alberto headbutts him a few times then rushes him in the corner but Kofi gets his feet up then hits a crossbody for two. He sets up for Trouble In Paradise, but Alberto ducks and throws him shoulder first into the ringpost, then jumps down on his shoulder and gets him to tap to the Cross Armbreaker.
    Winner - Alberto Del Rio
    Alberto keeps attacking Kofi after the bell and puts him back in the Cross Armbreaker until Punk comes out to the ramp. Alberto stands up and says he is glad Punk can face him like a man because last week Punk was supposed to ask him for a title shot. Instead, Punk waited for Big Show to knock him out and he forced him to give a title shot, and Alberto calls him a coward and tells him to stop looking at the fans. He calls them a joke of a country, and says they are pathetic like Punk but the most important thing is no one cares about them. Alberto says he is the WWE Champion and he knows how dangerous he is, so Punk should pay attention because he has a message.
    Alberto says John Laurinaitis is allowing him to ask Punk to cancel their match after last week's attack, and Punk better cancel it because he is going to hurt him and force him to if he doesn't. Punk says it's his bad because he didn't know he had to wait in line, but he reminds him about cashing in his Money In The Bank contract and hitting him with a pipe to become champion. He tells him that he is a greasy slimeball and that is why he attacked Alberto, but Alberto doesn't like it and demands respect. Punk tells him he is the champion, but he is also one dimensional and says all of his "destiny" speeches amount to nothing important.
    He says all the fans at home fast forward through everything Alberto says and they don't miss a thing, and he knows he is a great competitor but Punk will win at Survivor Series. He says he will make the WWE Championship interesting again, but Alberto cuts him off and asks him one last time to cancel the match, and Punk says no and gets jumped by Alberto. Punk fights his way out of a Cross Armbreaker and reverses it into an Anaconda Vice, but Ricardo starts punching him so he can't lock it in. Alberto runs away and Punk lifts Ricardo up at hits the GTS, the sits back down and stares at Alberto on the ramp.
    Jack Swagger (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs Santino Marella
    Swagger takes Santino down but has to break at the ropes, and they shout at each other before Swagger punches Santino and kicks him on the apron. Santino fights back with some punches and tries to counter a whip to the corner but Swagger catches him and hits a powerslam and follows it with a fallaway slam. Santino tries to stand back up but Swagger punches him between the shoulders and jumps off the ropes but Santino rolls out of the way and punches Swagger then does a split to dodge a swing. He tries to hiptoss Swagger, but he catches Santino with a belly to belly suplex, then applies the ankle lock and gets Santino to tap out.
    Winner - Jack Swagger
    Kelly Kelly comes out and says she has grown up in the WWE, and had ups and downs but she always wants the best. She may be a former WWE Divas Champion, but she is the new Maxim cover girl and turns to pull the curtain off her cover but gets interrupted by Beth and Natalya. They make fun of her and call her a Barbie doll, then say they are there to set an example and it takes more than looks to be a WWE Diva. Beth says she is going to show her what happens when someone like Kelly gets in the ring with someone like her, and they try to get her to cry. Eve and Alicia run out to make the save, and Beth and Natalya back off as Eve tells Kelly to enjoy her moment and they unveil the cover and celebrate.
    John Laurinaitis comes out and introduces Kevin Nash, then they shake hands and Nash goes to the ring while they replay his attack on HHH. Nash thanks John for bringing him back then says he doesn't owe any of the fans an explanation, but he owes HHH one and talks about when they first met. He says he should have taken HHH out back then, but Shawn Michaels said he saw something in him and they let him into the Kliq. Nash says they had a true friendship and he was honored to be at HHH's wedding, but he needs to fast forward to this year's Royal Rumble. He got the biggest pop of the night and called his friend for a contract, but he didn't even get a phone call and says he got a crappy offer eventhough he still has what it takes to win.
    Nash says he booked himself in a main event match and used HHH's own sledgehammer against him, and eventhough it took him six hours to think about it, he did it and it felt good. Nash says he then watched as officials loaded HHH into an ambulance, and says he had a chance to do it again a few weeks ago, and he took out HHH as he sat there strapped to a gurney like a helpless child. He says he took advantage of the Cerebral Assassin, and as far as he is concerned, Nash just showed everyone how to play the game.
    David Otunga is shown walking backstage with John Laurinaitis and he asks John if he has thought about hiring a permanent legal council and congratulates him on signing Nash. He asks if Brodus Clay was supposed to debut tonight and John tells him he can't waste Brodus' talent on a crowd like Liverpool because he is special. CM Punk interrupts them and says they know nothing about what the audience wants, then thanks John for his plan to cancel the WWE Championship match. Otunga says he can't see a WWE Champion that looks like a gas station attendant, and Punk laughs and holds up his fists and says 'regular or unleaded.' Punk unloads on Otunga until Alberto runs in and beats down Punk as John yells at them to stop until referees come in and break it up.
    Awesome Truth vs Zack Ryder & John Cena
    Cena locks up with Truth and hits a shoulder block, then Miz tags in and Cena takes him down then punches him in the corner. Cena whips him across the ring and hits a clothesline, then goes after Truth but he rolls out of the ring and Cena tags in Zack. Truth kicks him in the stomach but Zack reverses an Irish whip and flapjacks Truth, then sends him outside as we go to a commercial. When we return, Zack tags in Cena and they double hip toss Miz, then Cena lowers for a back body drop but Miz kicks him in the head. Truth tags in and they hit a double shoulder block and Truth applies a side headlock, then pummels Cena in the corner when he tries to get up.
    Miz and Truth use quick tags to keep Cena isolated until they attempt a double team Irish whip that Cena ducks and he leaps and makes the tag to Zack. He gets in and clotheslines Miz, then gets his knees up and he and Cena both hit the Broski Boot, and Zack goes for the Rough Ryder but Miz throws him in the air and Truth knocks him to the mat. Miz and Truth work together to keep Zack down then choke him on the ropes and kick him, then Zack and Truth double clothesline each other and Zack finally gets the tag to Cena. He hits Miz and Truth with sit out slams, then tags Ryder and they both do the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Truth pulls Zack out and Miz kicks Cena in the head. He makes the cover and Truth holds Cena's legs down and Awesome Truth steals the win.
    Winners - Awesome Truth

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