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    Default Karan johar puts yrf in a pickle

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    In the time of recession our very own film industry is feeling heat of the tension. Yash Raj Films, one of the biggest names in the industry known to deliver us with several classics, is going through a time of serious trouble as Karan Johar withdrew the distribution rights for two of his films and handed it over to UTV.

    The result of this decision of Karanís was not only a major shock to the Chopra family but also meant that their UK and US offices could no longer function and now have been officially shut with the calling back of their managers to India.

    Although spokespersons of the company have denied the rumours, it is reasonable to believe that serious restructuring of the company is now in place given the economic market and Karan Joharís decision.

    This isnít the first of many fears Yash Raj is facing in recent times. One may recall the rumours of Anurag Singhís project titled Hadipa with Rani and Shahid facing a lot of difficulties in the technical department. The film was the source of several rumours ranging from Aditya shutting down the project, Rani ghost directing it and Yash Chopra closely monitoring the schedule.

    Only time will tell how everyone, including our film industry, will survive the economic crisis we face today! All we can hope for is that the technical and financial issues facing our makers does not affect the creativity of their job!

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    hmmm so we will be getting our hits via utv and not yash raj films

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    Thank you very much for Sharing



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