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    Cool ★ One On One With ★Mausam★ Special Guest Second Episode★

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    Hash: Mausam I m not happy with u at all, We need to chat about something now !

    Mausam: Chat about what ?

    Hash: I said we need to chat about ur demotion u dont deserve promotion
    Kis Manhoos ne tujhe Promotion Diya

    GG & ANS:

    Mausam: Hash listen yeah dont make me angry now, my show is going on right now

    Hash: Abbe tere Show ki Beep Beep Beep Beep....

    Rahul: oye, Hash rahende baccha hain yarr...
    Iss par dR pe hum dono hi toh mard hain Chal ajja Call girls ko phone karte hain aur me wo gana gawunga....Hum to aise he bhaiya

    Hash: Call girl

    Mausam: Chalo niklo mere show me se...
    So, Ya guys sry for inconvenience....

    GG: DR pe gunda gardi zyada badh gayi hain
    People doing whtever they want i need to call Dr Boy for this hone:

    Mausam: Anyways, Helloo Guys welcome back to our Final episode of One On One with Me...
    BCZ of having high volume of really positive response of previous Episode, We decided, Well I decided to invite the same guest again into my Show again......BCZ Picture abhi baki hain mere dost

    Ans: Himen stop lying we didnt go anywhere, we were here watching u nd Hash Fight

    GG: Himi Buddhu

    Mausam: Wht, did they air me nd Hash fighting
    I will charge my director More money not fair they cant allow Hash to come in like this on my show

    GG: ohh, Himi buddhu he's founder here :care1:

    Mausam: yaa, I forgot about it
    Well, Ans if we continue ur interview from last week there was on this question actually given by one of our audience member asking u...

    Imagine if Nida were a guy and you were deeply in love with him but he doesn’t love you back how would you react and what tricks would you use to trap him in your pyaar?

    GG: uff, This todays audience

    Mausam: oye Hoye, uss audience ka naam bata du ?

    GG: Chup kar

    Ans: Well, MY answer to this would be a guy would have to be crazy to not love me, so that would never happen

    GG: Ya, If a guy would have to be crazy to not love me, so that would never happen

    Ans: only Edward

    GG: oye, Sista chup we are live on the show, dont reveal all the secrets

    Mausam: oye, Hoy Secrets
    Ans One question to u if u have to dance for DR how would u dance ?

    Ans: I would Dance like this

    GG: oye, Hoy meri Dancer
    If i have to dance i would dance like this

    Mausam: Okay, we are not making a dance show here girlzzz its interview show

    Okay before we move to our main rounds some quick questions To Ans
    If you were a princess and you had to pick your perfect prince charming, and four options were given to you : Sumit, Yuvi, don111 or Lutan Fyah? Who would you pick to marry?

    GG: she would pick Lutan Fyah, he is her type

    Mausam: Sis Wht, No way I will die if u choose lutan
    Sis, Woh Pagal MP bhi chalega
    But Lutan

    GG: i knw her very well She will choose lutya

    Ans:Lutan calls me sis, so he is out,the others are all about the same, so any one of them would do

    Mausam: humm.. nice sis
    Who is your sweetheart in dR?

    Ans: Too many to say

    Mausamkk, lets make ur life more easier
    Give any three names

    Ans: is this wht u call making my life easy ?
    hayla, three, then GG, Mausam and dR [email protected]

    GG: sis I m on ur top three list
    Mausam Ur on second number

    Mausam: I didnt ask her to say it in order GG
    I know the answer for next question it will be me , Most Sexiest member in DR ?

    Ans: certainly not you himen

    GG: sorry i dont find skinny bhalus sexy jk

    Mausam: Then who's sexier than me in DR ?

    Ans: Solution24 and Abhi
    The hottest and everlasting jodi of dR

    GG: I would say Abhi & Dr Boy

    Mausam: Me bhi koi kam sexy nahi hoon

    ANS: pehle Salman Khan ki jaisi body la himi

    Mausam: Okay, Next question....Most Disliked person of Dr ?

    Ans: I dont really dislike anyone

    GG: I think Nida Joking nida i dont dislike anyone either

    Mausam: oye, Camera paaji Cat fight karwate he wo wala cut kardena GG ka I dont dislike nida wala Dono lad padenge

    GG: oye, Himla Shut it

    Ans: oye, no destroying the sets

    GG: Mausam I have my eyes on u

    Mausam: ohk, Now i guess we should move to my deadly rounds

    Ans: Lets do this

    GG: Bring it on

    Mausam: So, In this round u have to choose one person from two given options

    Ans: GG or Peachy
    GG my love and soul sister

    GG: Mausam or Ans
    Ans hands down no doubt about it

    Mausam: Never mind

    GG: SRY, Himi

    Ans: Solu or Abhi ?
    oh ma dog, those two are my cuties, i cant choose

    GG: Dr boy or Hash ?
    dR boy hez a sweetheart

    Ans: I completely agree

    Mausam: Good Choice girls
    Now Next round Its TRP round
    Tell me first thing that comes to u mind when hear or oh well when u see this name ?

    Ans: Don111
    Sweet Kid

    GG: Punjabi kudi
    nice and sweet

    Ans: Yuvraj
    european punjabi munda
    espanol punjabi dada ji

    GG: Dr Angel
    weird in a way

    Mausam: Well this last one is for both of u

    GG:weird kid i want to know how his space ship landed on dR

    Ans: unique boy

    Mausam: U mean unique boy with Air Brain
    Anyways, Here is the last round of the session guys in this round Name one person when u hear this word

    Ans : Super Hero of DR ?
    3 persons together make one super duper hero, solution24, dR Boy and Abhi

    GG: Psycho ?
    hmm psycho of dR sahir

    Ans: manipulative ?
    no one i know until now

    GG: Rude ?

    Ans: Dev Dass ?

    GG:Hard worker ?

    Ans: True lover ?
    I would say myself
    coz I love all u guys

    Mausam: mera toh kahi naam nahi dala sisi tuney
    Alright guys hope u had fun with this episode as well....Come on girlzz i will drop u home say bye bye to our lovely audience

    GG: we have our limo waiting outside, we dont want your hatkari thanks

    Mausam: I have my Special Rickshow girlzz

    Ans: Well, thank you for having me on show himi ur doing a great job

    GG: Yes, Himi

    Mausam: Thank you everyone for liking all my sessions hopefully i will be back soon with new session
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    wah kya likhta hain

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    awesum show

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    Great job himi, keep it up

    Thanks for having invited me

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    good job guys both of u such a diplomatic answers

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    niceee yaaa friend..
    ...being a human...

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    gr8 work and sweet episode

    keep it up

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    great show himi

    edit :-

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    Quote Originally Posted by ∂R lαze View Post
    wah kya likhta hain
    tu ne pad toh liya na mein ne toh hi pada aur thanx pada

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    edit :-

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    nice work thankss for invited me

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    Great yaar..

    ι уσυ נυ∂gє ρєσρℓє, уσυ нανє ησ тιмє тσ ℓσνє тнєм.

    "Time Can Make Us Move On.. But It Can't Fix A Broken Heart"..

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    Great episode

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    super show..............

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    Nice Work Himi

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