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    Default The Warriors Video Review (PlayStation 2)

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    Last year, Activision revived the GoldenEye franchise by releasing a revamped version on the Wii. Sporting improved graphics, an updated storyline, and the same four-player split-screen mode that made the original so compelling, GoldenEye 007 was a critical, if not commercial, success. However, the Wii-only release meant that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fans missed out on the action. That's all set to change this year with the release of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, which is an HD version of the Wii remake, rather than a remake of the N64 version. Thus, you get Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Brosnan, a brand-new story, and a new multiplayer rewards system.

    We were shown a short section of the game set in Severnaya, one of the original locations from the GoldenEye film. Set atop a set of snow-covered mountains, the level started with Bond hiding behind a set of trees, with a long panning camera allowing us to see the new HD-rendered visage of Daniel Craig. Swooping into first-person view, Bond moved down a snaking path and snuck up behind a group of snowsuit-dressed enemies. Using a silenced PPK, he took out the guards without alerting another group nearby. Activision told us that using stealth was an important part of the game, but all-out action gamers can still go in guns blazing if they want--they'll just have a harder time.

    Bond proceeded to steal the guard's weapons and moved on to an area beneath a bridge. The game then cut to a brief cutscene showing a large truck pulling up on the bridge, followed by a group of fighter jets that flew across and bombed the living hell out of it. Amidst the chaos, Bond moved through a pile of rubble, only to have a huge electrical explosion engulf the area, sending helicopters flying to the ground and knocking him out. Bond awoke next to one of the downed helicopters, with his disorientation visualized with a deep vignette effect around the edges of the screen. He took out another group of guards using the famous karate chop action from the original GoldenEye and stole their weapons.



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