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    Cool ★ One On One With ★Mausam★ Special Guest★

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    Mausam: Hey, Girlz Can I get ur private number after the show finishes ....Ya Ya I know I am really good- looking Sexy Boy.....
    Here is my number girls, u can only call me at night

    Director: oy, Himen ur live now Plzz Behave :cute:

    Mausam: Abhi live hain kaminey bolna to tha
    Ohh, Hello Peeps Merry Christmas, And very happy new year in advance To all our Viewers....And W...

    Director: Salle Diwali he abhi kya Merry Christmas...

    Mausam: Abbe Advance bola he Hash ki tarah na baat kar
    Okay people Happy Diwali and a very Happy new year to all of u

    Well, First of all everyone welcome back to my One On One Session three Taliya bajawo sallo paise deke studio audience rakhi he

    So, People We are back with your Super Duper Host of Dr Mausam AKA Himen

    Guest: hey, i am the star here, don't steal the spotlight
    else i am very busy, i am leaving Do your show by yourself

    Mausam: hey, I haven't introduced u yet Soo stay behind the camera it's bad man time

    Guest: i am a star, i can talk when i want

    Mausam: I will give you the chance to speak beta, Dont act like Lutan
    So, Yeah people Today on My first Episode of One On One I have called a really Special person and really close friend of mine, Well She knows all the things about me..
    She's Dr Most Lovable Person....and a Really Really Great Human being....The Smexy..... The Hot....The Fantabulous.....My very Beautiful sister


    Mausam: Ans ?
    Chalo Ans don't be shy bahaar awo

    Ans: Wow himi that was some intro Me toh Red and peli hogayi

    Mausam: It's okay my Laal Peeli Sister

    Ans: hurry up now, i don't have all day

    Mausam: hila sis u don't have time for your cute and sexy bhai

    Ans: cute and sexy
    Since When himi ?

    Mausam: Since birth sis...
    Anyways Ans I got one surprise for u

    Ans:surprise? it had better be a good one, i dont have time to waste

    Mausam: Do u really want to know the Surprise ?

    Ans: hurry up

    Mausam: U can waste your time arguing with don but don't have time for my interview

    Ans: i have to protect the little respect and izaat i have left in dR

    Mausam: ohk, sis i have one special guest in

    Ans: hayla, who who

    Mausam: Sis we will play a little game in here
    I will give u two chance to guess

    Ans: solution24? the one everyone runs after?

    Mausam: Solu ko kaun bulayega woh toh baccha hain
    Ohk lets just call her now she will kill me if i take her important time away

    Ans: her

    Mausam: OHK peeps she has been in this show before, she is the most lovable person in DR, one of the bestest founder

    Ladies nd Laidas


    Mausam: GG ajawo kesa sharmana aja nach ke dikha de

    GG: Oh thank you Himi for inviting me on the show... As you all know the real Superstar comes at the end.. The one and only the Show Stopper thank you all i know i am famous

    Ans: if she is the real superstar, what am i doing here?

    Mausam: that is y i was scared to call two girls on show
    Anyways Fight Fight girlzz, I am going to get popcorn

    GG:Hi my most lovelier sisi Ans

    Ans: Hii GG, my bestest sisi ever

    Mausam: Girlzz fight I want TRP
    Stop Loving each other Give me some TRP....

    Ans: Himi Jaldi kar

    GG: yeah can i get an orange juice please and its very hot here turn on the A/C, dont want my makeup to melt

    Ans: i want some mango lassi too,its going to be a long interview

    Mausam: itni Demands , Sorry girlzz our producer is very poor....
    Dekh solu Ek A/C to dalva deta

    Ans: I dont care himi I want Mango Lassi now...BCZ i want to be like this dude....

    Mausam: sis Mango lassi is no Good.....U need to exercise like this cat

    GG: thats u Himi


    Mausam: Soo before u girlzzz take over this show lets start interviewing u
    Mango Mangwayi Madelyn se
    Tab Tak u can eat me

    GG: sorry i dont eat skinny bhalus

    Mausam: Skinny boltie hain
    Soo, GG u have been on my show before.....but still i will ask this question to both of u,BCZ I can how does it feel to be on the show and getting interviewed by a Super Hero

    Ans: super hero? kahan

    GG:it feels great to be on the show its like my second home after dR
    plus sharing the same stage with my wonderful Ans

    Ans: of course sisi, being with you on my first chat show

    Mausam: if u girlzz are done complimenting each other can i ask some questions now ? plzz

    Ans: about time too, lets do this

    GG:lets burn the dance floor

    Mausam: Well, This question is for Ans as I have asked GG this question on my earlier Session,
    Ans tell us about ur self wht u do nd all ?

    Ans: i am a medical student in France, actually doing my 6th year,
    thats about it, very simple life

    Mausam: hummm...Any Boyfriend ?

    GG: ya tell us about ur love life

    Ans: nope, no one has had that good fate yet

    GG: dont lie

    Mausam: Ya...Come on GG u know her really well

    Ans: i dont lie
    its true, no boyfriends

    Mausam: so how many boys u dated

    Ans: zero, no dating for me

    GG:thats a lie
    she has dated about 50 million guys i speak nothing but the truth

    Ans:and here comes the liar my sisi

    Mausam: humm..All the secrets coming out
    Now tell me Ans when u came to DR first who was the first person u noticed nd how did u go on with Dr ?

    Ans: i joined dR in november 2008, didnt mingle a lot, i was wary of meeting people on forums
    i should have stayed like that

    Mausam: Wht u saying ?

    Ans: just kidding

    Mausam: ohh , GG y dont u tell us about ur self how many boys u dated ?

    GG: none

    Ans: another lie

    GG: i am famous
    i still havent found my prince charming, all come after my money

    Ans: i am also after your money sisi

    Mausam: Can I ask next question plzz
    U know in DR we do like so much of flirting nd all the things, Well personally I also need some advice on this one
    Tell me wht does girls sees in guy first ?

    Ansye, you should be helping us get dates, not help you in your lack of a love life

    GG: help us to find the perfect prince charming for us first
    then we will help u

    Mausam: Girlzz U dont need Prince Charming when Himen King is here
    Anyways, Lets jump to the main part of the show

    Ans: Ya, Come on Brother Bring it on

    Mausam: Ansuri, GG sent me some questions to ask u

    Ans: GG u mde question specially for me ?

    GG: Yes, My lubly sis just for u

    Mausam: GG wants to know this Ans
    who is sexier according to u Lutan or Aditya ?

    Ans: i have never seen them, so i have no idea

    Mausam: U know wht... since GG have asked this lets find out wht does she thinks about this two guys ?

    GG: sorry i dont give importance to newbies A star has to maintain rep in the society

    Mausam: GG u Killed it.....

    GG: No I mean jokes apart but, i dont know them much

    Ans: :care1: poor guys, you broke their hearts

    Mausam: next question for actually both of u
    Have you ever had a crush on a Friend’s Bf?

    GG: nope never cuz none of them were attractive

    Ans: no way, if she is a real friend, i respect her too much to backstab her

    Mausam: Well going Girlzz
    Well i guess this question isnt for u GG as u already had this soo this one is for Ansuri,
    If you had the power to Rule dR for a Day what would you like to change?

    GG: BRB, i need to get my nails done

    Mausam: We have that facility here GG, oyy PK chalo GG ke nails kardo teak

    Ans: Well, My answer to ur question is that
    You dont change a winning team, our founders rock

    GG: My nails done

    Mausam: ohh wow , anyways here is the best question u can say my name here :rolleyes:
    If you were to make a movie on dR who would you cast and why?

    GG: all the movies on dR should be dedicated to me the queen of dR

    Ans:A movie would be too short. For dR, you need to make a serial, with all the fights, love, break-ups, make-ups etc,that serial would win all the awards
    Gotta have all the members in there, else it wouldnt be any fun

    Hash: :angry2: Wht is this non-sense going on In DR right now
    Did u take permission of any founders that u can do this ** Show or not ?


    GG: I guess I am already on the show

    Mausam: Amm...I am sorry guys we have to end this episode here bcz of some technical problem....Plzz give us ur Feedback by posting good things about the show

    To Be Continued...........
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    gr88 waitin for next part

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    edit :-

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    Very Interesting for the next episode !

    The meaning of the name Akili is 'Wisdom, intellect, sense'. # 1000....

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    great work himen

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    great show nice

    edit :-

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    nice w8ing for next episode

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    nyshhoo but u can do more better himyy as u d0ne in previous sh0ws

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    I agree with shahzu but it was quite good bcz of ans & GG

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    haan werna paka flop hjana tha
    Quote Originally Posted by Punjabi_kudi View Post
    I agree with shahzu but it was quite good bcz of ans & GG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punjabi_kudi View Post
    I agree with shahzu but it was quite good bcz of ans & GG
    Quote Originally Posted by ShahZu View Post
    haan werna paka flop hjana tha

    Humm..That was easy to say that Show wasnt that good....I would say could guys mind telling me wht I can do to make it more better ?

    If u criticise something make sure u criticise proper dont just jump saying it was bad....Bus ek ne bola or baki Sab usse opinion pe jump karenge Use ur own brain

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    ur show was gr8

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    yaraaaa v critizd u but also aprecited ... so both aspctz naa duffer

    Quote Originally Posted by ★Mausam★ View Post
    Humm..That was easy to say that Show wasnt that good....I would say could guys mind telling me wht I can do to make it more better ?

    If u criticise something make sure u criticise proper dont just jump saying it was bad....Bus ek ne bola or baki Sab usse opinion pe jump karenge Use ur own brain

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    great job all three of you guys

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    waiting eagerly for the next episode and well done himen keep the good work upar

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    Great Work Dude....

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    Great show



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