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    Cool Rockstar announce GTA V

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    In probably what can be described as the most random incident ever, Rockstar has announced Grand Theft Auto V today by way of the game’s logo on their website. Pretty much everyone in the world expected them to make this announcement at some big trade show like E3 or Gamescom but in true Rockstar fashion, they dropped the megaton on our face totally out of the blue. And we love it.

    Well besides the logo there’s not much to go on except for the fact that the game’s very first trailer will hit the Internet by the 2nd of November 2011. And that’s all anyone knows right now.

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    Heat out of SR3's release? lol. Kinda funny how just an announcement has the potential to dent sales of a releasing game.

    But really didn't anticipate GTA5 this generation.

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    don t believe the hype



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