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    Default Stephanie McMahon Comments on Scott Hall's Troubles and Today's Superstars

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    ESPN has posted a preview of their upcoming E:60 special on Scott Hall and his troubles over the years. Stephanie McMahon spoke with ESPN about how much money it's costing to put Hall through rehab. She said:

    "It's the most amount of money we've spent on anyone. I just want Scott to get help and to decide for himself that he needs help. It makes me sad. I don't want anybody to pass away prematurely or otherwise really. Scott was an incredibly talented performer, larger than life, charismatic. He's a father, he's a friend. I'm sure he means a lot to a lot of people and it would be a shame for him to pass away."

    She also commented on how WWE takes care of their talents:

    "In addition to that substance and abuse program, we also have cardiovascular testing, we do blood checks, we do physicals, we do concussion testing akin to the NFL. We're really about maintaining the health and well-being of our superstars because without our superstars we don't have a business."

    "The superstars of today -- they're businessmen. They realize the healthier they maintain their bodies, the better they are going to perform, the more money they're going to make. They're more about playing with their iPads and gaming devices than they are about going out and hanging out at the bars."

    Other stars interviewed for the special include Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Cody Rhodes and others.



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