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    Default Movie Review: My Friend Pinto

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    Story: Michael Pinto is simple, kind and honest, and his world revolves around his doting mother, passion for music and long lost childhood friend Sameer. His life is shattered by the sudden demise of his mother and he decides to head towards Mumbai to meet his long lost friend. The film finally shows how Pinto’s clumsy crazy antics and his idyllic world change the lives of every person he meets in the big bad city of Mumbai.

    Review: ‘My Friend Pinto’ tries to tickle one’s funny bones and give a feel good factor by presenting a cute and gullible character Pinto in the big bad city of Mumbai where people have forgotten to smile with the hustle bustle in their lives. Apart from Pinto, the plot is extremely chaotic and lacks any basic storyline. There are too many sub plots which makes the climax unintentionally funny, but extremely inspiring.

    Star Cast: Pinto’s ( Prateik) crazy antics and idyllic world creates some most outlandish and hilarious situations. Prateik has delivered an average performance and it seems comedy is not his forte and he appears clumsy. Kalki’s screen presence is small but pivotal to the plot. Unlike the dark twisted films of Anurag Kashyap, Kalki appears extremely upbeat and bubbly. After Dev D and Shaitan she has got something light and comic and has done justice to her character. Shruti Seth and Arjun Mathur gets a blink and miss role and fails to make any significant contribution to the film.the only character that stands out is firebrand Divya Dutta as yesteryear small time actress Reshma.

    Direction: Debut director Raaghav Dhar’s concept of a ‘honest gullible character’ who makes everyone smile is refreshing, but the direction is flawed to some extent. He creates so many sub plots that it makes the screen play and narration extremely chaotic. The attempt would have gained some accolades if the storyline was packed with little bit of funny moments and had some form of clarity. The only thing that’s worth mentioning are the experimental camera angles that the director has used to show the different moods and flavor as the film proceeds.

    Dialogues/Cinematography/Music-The comic gags have been attempted to tickle funny bones, but dialogues lack punches. They are simple yet refreshing. Cinematography is worth watching as technically the director has experimented a lot with the camera shots. The top angle and blurr shots have added dynamism to the plot. Music deserves some accolades as it’s successful in adding little life and melody to the movie. Editing is crisp but the storyline is predictable.

    Ups and Downs- Alas, ‘My Friend Pinto’ is not what we had hoped for, though the light hearted comedy can be a one-time watch as Prateik is cute in his role of a gullible guy.

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