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    While Bollywood is fanatical about mega-budgets, top stars and international locales, Nagesh Kukunoor, by and large, looks the other way. Low costs, absence of big stars, sleepy and secluded locations [except 8 x 10 TASVEER and BOMBAY TO BANGKOK] Kukunoor has made movies that may not really boast of gargantuan budgets, but have stories that linger in your memory. You expect MOD, his new outing, to live up to the expectations as well. MOD sprints energetically initially, but runs out of breath as it reaches the finale.

    In one of my earlier interviews, Kukunoor had stated very categorically that he would never attempt a love story. He contradicts himself this time, for MOD is a love story and if that's not enough, it's an official remake of a Taiwanese film CHEN SHUI DE QING CHUN aka KEEPING WATCH. A love story is no safe bet. Bollywood is known for churning out prem kahanis or teeny bopper romances with amazing regularity, but the challenge lies in breaking the clutter and telling a tale that's dew-fresh and heart-warming.

    MOD is an emotional love story of two completely mismatched people -- a genre Kukunoor has never tackled earlier. In fact, in his earlier movies, love was a part of the main plot, but it's the central theme this time. MOD boasts of an interesting idea and even Kukunoor's mature handling of the material needs to be lauded, but the film suffers for two reasons -- it unfolds at a sluggish/lethargic pace and is prolonged.



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