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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th October written update

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    art 1
    Episode starts with Naitik coming to ask G3 for permission.G3 quickly says no ice-cream and not in this weather.Akshara come,Naitik says fine then i will go alone,Bma says not to do that and to take Akshara along and return early.G3 wonders why Naitik gets so upset easily.
    At Doodle Icecream Parlour(DI) (naam tha,wierd name..doodles..LOL)
    Naksh greet Nishmi,they all sit have a casual talk(arreeey waah..finally Rashmi back to normal..Got ma old Rashmi and Nikhil was also nice) .Nikhil says what Akshara wants,Akshara says what ever Naitik orders ,They leave to order(Naitik n Nikhil).Here Rashmi and Akshara are ....
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