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    Default I’m not launching myself as an actor

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    by Kunal Kohli

    Kunal Kohli, launches himself as hero !
    Sanjeev Kohli from YRF to join Kunal Kohli as CEO! After both seen having lunch together.

    Now, both news items are totally untrue, I might deny them, but those will be the headlines, a whole article will be written on how a ‘source’ has revealed all about me launching myself as a hero and another ‘source’ saw Sanjeev Kohli and me having lunch and decided that he’s joining me as CEO, the journalist might or might not call me for confirming the story, if I deny it, then at the end one line will appear saying Kunal denies it.

    Its so sad that today some websites, newspapers and TV Channels report whatever they feel like, attribute it to a ‘source’, make headlines out of it, spread absolute lies and then have one sentence saying ‘Kunal denies it’ or get away with it by saying ‘rumour has it’ or ‘a source revealed’.

    Under this you can cook up anything you want, and print or telecast it.

    Then, every other paper or wesite then calls us up frantically and wants a follow up to it, and comes out with versions of the same story.

    We targets are left with no choice but to keep denying the whole thing. Of course the denials are not printed, whats printed are more stories with bigger headlines, taking the lies even further and again a line in the end saying ‘kunal denies it’, but the lies is further propagated by the new bigger headlines.

    Finally we get fed up of denying it and just keep quiet knowing that the people who matter know the truth.

    in a few days its all old news, till again someone pulls out another lie from his / her hat and the whole irritating process starts all over again.

    So while I’ve not met Mr.Sanjeev Kohli for 7 months now, he’s supposed to have joined me as my new CEO.

    While I haven't met Akshay Kumar or Ranbir or Neil for almost 6 months now or maybe more, and the truth is we’ve just started to fix appointments with actors to make them hear the scripts we’re working on in my company with myself (as director) and some new directors, you’ll read headlines saying, they’ve said no to me and I’m launching myself as an actor.

    I’ll say it one last time, I’M NOT LAUNCHING MYSELF AS AN ACTOR and when we finalise our star casts we will announce it.

    Here i can't even say 'just meeting someone doesn't mean i've offered them a role' or' they're refused me' as we've just started meeting people.

    I hope one day certain sections of the media stop hiding behind 'a source' or 'rumour has it' and writes whatever they want about whoever they want.

    When someone completely denies a story, maybe, just maybe there's no story in it and you don't need to make a headline out of it, or write a balanced view of it, you don't have to write columns of rumour and one line of denial.

    Kunal doesn’t need to say he denies this, as this article / blog is written by him and is not based on rumours !

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    Thank you so much for sharing .



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