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    Default Is JOKER about mad people?

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    Since nothing has been revealed about the film's plot as yet, JOKER continues to keep film buffs in suspense. What has further added fuel to fire is the very title of this film. While a few feel that the film is about a comedian, some believe that it is more metaphorical in nature. In fact a few have also gone to the extent of saying that JOKER is about mad people. Doesn't that scare Shirish?

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    "What's there to be scared about? I know that I have chosen an unusual story and when you make such a decision, it isn't always possible to actually go out and tell people about the film's content", Shirish says in a nonchalant tone, "When you don't have any other film for reference to explain what's there in your mind, it is better to keep quiet and concentrate on making it well instead of revealing something that may not be comprehendible on mere listening."



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