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    Default Ali Zafar in London, Paris, New York

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    Rose Movies and producer Goldie Behl along with Fox Star studios announced their upcoming flick London, Paris, New York here on Wednesday. The film stars Pakistani musician Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao and has been directed by debut director Anu Menon

    Ali Zafar in London, Paris, New York

    The film is a romantic comedy and itís a story about a couple who fall in love while visiting three of the most romantic places on earth; London, Paris and New York. ďThe story is very fresh. We have tried our level best to make it as realistic as possible. It deals in different emotions that people experience when they're in love. It is believable because it also talks about the pain and suffering of heartbreak,Ē said Goldie.

    The title is simple and says a lot about the movie. When asked about its significance, Ali Zafar said, ďThe title is an integral part of the film. It provides a backdrop to the love story and helps in portraying the charactersí journey of love. Itís all very natural and realistic. The movie is about Nikhil and Lalitha, two very different people who fall in love."

    The music of the movie has been composed by Ali Zafar himself. In fact both the stars, Ali and Aditi, sing well and have sung in the film.

    The movie has some intimate scenes between the two actors. But, according to Aditi, it is very different from the usual bollywood movies. ďThe scenes are very organic in nature. They are there because without them the story would feel incomplete. We have not forced sex scenes anywhere just because it is believed that sex sells. The scenes are beautiful and are lovely to watch,Ē says Aditi.

    The cast and crew just got done with the London chapter and if the chemistry shared between Ali and Aditi is anything to go by, this could be something to look forward to.



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