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    Default Jim Ross Blog: WWE Unifying Titles, Batista-Jericho Returns, Lesnar

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    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety over at JR previews Night of Champions and had this to say about the following topics:

    Whether The WWE Title & The World Heavyweight Title Will Ever Be Unified:

    "No , I never see one, major champion in WWE meaning that I don't think that the WWE/World Heavyweight titles will ever be united which essentially means that I don't see the brand split going away any time soon."

    "Will the WWE title belts ever be redesigned? Beats me. No idea and I'm really not a 'belt guy' as it relates to what they look like. We get this question all the time."

    What he thinks of Brock Lesnar returning to the Octagon in December?

    "My instinct says it may be too early. I'm surprised that Brock is returning to headline a UFC PPV so soon after surgery and especially against an opponent like Overeem who is a world class striker. I'm a Lesnar fan without question and hope that he can take Overeem down and avoid a knockout."

    Will Batista and/or Chris Jericho ever return to WWE?

    "Again, I have no info on such but my guess is that yes they will at some point in the future and likely for a limited time engagement. Perhaps that's just my wishful thinking and I could be dead wrong. Both would help score a bigger Wrestlemania 28 number of PPV buys, IMO."



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