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    Default Nvidia to step on the WP7 market with its Grey chipset in 2013

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    At this point Windows Phone 7 is only compatible with the Qualcomm Snapdragon smartphone chipsets, but it appears that Microsoft's promises to extend the platform reach will finally be delivered on. A leaked roadmap suggests that Nvidia will be entering the WP7 game in 2013.
    To achieve this, the company will be introducing a whole new branch to its System-on-a-chip lineup. The new chipsets are codenamed Grey and they will be combining processing silicone from the Tegra range with radio solutions provided by Icera.

    The Tegra 2 is a huge success with the Android software platform, powering the first broadly available dual-core smartphone and a huge number of devices (both tablets and smartphones) after that. We are now holding our breath expecting to see the arrival of its bigger brother, Kal-El, which should be the first quad-core chipset on the market bringing a 5x performance boost.
    That's why Microsoft should be pretty pleased that they convinced Nvidia to join their camp. A manufacturer that is driving the innovation in the cut-throat Android business will certainly bring more value to the platform.
    Plus, Nvidia is shifting more and more of its focus towards Mobile CPU manufacturing, expecting that to bring three-quarters of its total income in four years.

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