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    If you've ever bought a new car, you'll know the feeling. "I'd quite fancy a set of mats for my new car," you think to yourself. Then you clock the price list and see how much the salesman will lighten your wallet for the privilege. Suddenly the need to cosset your feet becomes much less urgent.
    Car companies know we can't resist, though, and they make huge profits from overpriced optional extras. Things get pretty extreme, though, when you're in the market for luxury cars.
    How extreme? Well, we think we've found the most expensive optional extra tick box in the world. Like quite a few items in our top 20, it's in Maybach's price list - and it will set you back Rs 1.53 crore.
    What could possibly cost so much? Read on to find out...

    Car key: Rs 16.4 lakh

    Pay attention, 007. Your Aston Martin Rapide is ready for you. All you need to do is tap the sapphire crystal face of this watch between numbers 8 and 9 on the dial and the car will open up. Do look after it, 007: this custom Jaeger-LeCoultre watch-cum-key isn't cheap.

    Cost of paint: Rs 18.9 lakh

    Tick the 'Liquid Metal' paint option on your Bentley Continental GT order form and your Visa card will be lighter to the tune of almost Rs 19 lakh. Makes the 'council estate Evo' matt black paint scheme on a Lamborghini Gallardo look a bargain at a mere Rs 13 lakh.

    Battery: Rs 7 lakh

    A battery from Amaron costs, what, 3500 bucks? But when your whole car's propulsion is down to battery power alone - as it is with the Tesla Roadster electric sports car - you'd expect a spare battery to cost a bit more. But Rs 7 lakh? Electric shocking.

    Air freshener: Rs 3 lakh

    I'm sure I've seen Ambipur air fresheners for under 200 rupees at my local reputable car accessory emporium. The equivalent in Maybach's world must surely actually be made of pure magic if the 3 lakh it charges for its odd-looking Flacon 'perfume atomizer' is anything to go by.

    Parcel shelf: Rs 1.3 lakh

    We're sure that Ferrari's rear shelf for the Ferrari 458 Italia is a very nice shelf indeed. At 1.3 lakh, it certainly needs to be. Ferrari trumpets that it's made of real leather, but if it's not sourced from certified genuine organic unicorns, we'd be asking for our money back.

    Sunroof: Rs 12.3 lakh

    Almost certainly the world's costliest hole-in-a-roof, Maybach charges an astonishing 12 lakh to take a can opener to the lid of its 62 limousine and replace it with a sunroof.

    Brakes: Rs 8 lakh

    No, we're not saying you don't get brakes as standard on the Lamborghini Gallardo, but if you want exotic carbon-ceramic discs, Lambo will charge you 8 lakh.
    There's some good news for lovers of gaudiness: if you don't mind your callipers painted orange instead of grey, Lambo will knock Rs 46,000 off the price. Italian supercar maker Pagani charges even more for its ceramic brakes: no less than Rs 11 lakh!

    Spare wheel: Rs 66,000

    Ferrari does not supply its California with a spare wheel as standard - just a can of puncture sealant. Luckily, Ferrari can supply you with an actual spare wheel, but only if you give them Rs 66,000. And that's for a space saver, mind, not a full wheel.

    Audio system: Rs 4.7 lakh

    Worried that Audi's standard Bose hi-fi system might not have quite the nuances of treble you expect in your new Audi A6? Audi's solution is a tailor-made Bang & Olufsen sound system.
    The price for the pleasure of watching little mushrooms sprout from the dashboard is an eye-watering 4.7 lakh. Amazingly that's some 60,000 rupees more than even Aston Martin charges for its Bang & Olufsen system.

    TV screen: Rs 17.5 lakh

    What better way to keep the kids quiet on a long journey than fitting a DVD screen in the back? On most cars that'll set you back maybe Rs 15,000. The cost for keeping plutocrats quiet is quite a lot steeper, it seems: Maybach charges 17.5 lakh for a rear TV screen.

    Roof lights: Rs 5.7 lakh

    I must admit, I quite like a map light. But I draw the line at the 'Starlight' headlining option for the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé, which at 5.7 lakh costs enough to make you see stars. Other Phantom options list highlights include rear curtains at Rs 3.6 lakh, rear vanity mirrors at Rs 90,000, picnic tables at Rs 1.2 lakh and a bling-bling chrome exhaust finish at Rs 3.3 lakh.

    A book about your car: Rs 1.25 crore

    The Ferrari Opus Enzo Diamante is easily the most expensive new book in the world. Only one copy is being sold in each country in the world, each with 1,500 diamonds studding the prancing horse logo on the cover, and each one is signed by every living Ferrari world champion on paper made of silver foil. Cheapskates can download exactly the same tome as an e-book for just Rs 599.

    Champagne glasses: Rs 1 lakh

    If you've got the cash to splash on a Maybach 62, you'll be wanting to celebrate with a glass of champers. Even at 1 lakh for a pair of champagne flutes, we're sure you're worth it. And it's an absolute steal compared to the 9 lakh Rolls-Royce charges to have your Phantom fitted with a drinks cabinet in the rear doors.

    Ski rack: Rs 13 lakh

    If reports of fresh snow in Srinagar get you itching to be first to hit the mountain snowfields, Koenigsegg has the perfect answer. Go out and buy one of its 260mph Agera R supercars and order the roof-mounted ski box, an ice-cool 13 lakh option. There's a catch though: your top speed is limited to just 298 kmph when you have it fitted.

    Badge: Rs 1.7 lakh

    These days, the flying 'B' radiator mascot for your Bentley is an option. Even priced at 1.7 lakh for the Mulsanne, they seem to be flying off the shelf. Still got some spare change? Extra badges and for the waist rails and fascia will cost you an extra Rs 1.5 lakh.

    Go-faster stripes: Rs 4 lakh

    Who really believes that racing stripes make your car go faster? Perhaps in Ferrari world, they do. The stripes had better actually work, too, with the 'Racing Stripe' option on Ferrari's 599 GTO priced at an eye-watering Rs 4 lakh.

    Painted air vents: Rs 42,000

    Really, it's quite some liberty that Porsche leaves the air vents in its 911 Turbo unpainted. Get your air vents painted in body colour now - a snip at Rs 42,000.

    Shopping bags: Rs 3.6 lakh

    When you have just 100 litres of luggage space to play with, you might as well make the most of it. And Audi certainly charges the most for its leather-upholstered luggage set for the R8's front storage compartment: Rs 3.6 lakh for the set.

    Tyre jack: Rs 7.3 lakh

    If you need to change the tyres on your Pagani Zonda in a hurry, Pagani HQ has the solution: a pneumatic "lifting system". You'll need to flex the plastic, though, with a price of more than 7 lakh.

    Armour plating: Rs 1.53 crore

    This is, definitively, the most expensive optional extra ever. As you're ordering your Maybach 62, the salesman will no doubt draw your attention to the tick box marked 'High Protection Guard B4 package'. We think you can't put a price on life, but Maybach is having a good stab: for the record, it's a smidge over Rs 1.5 crore.

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    Pay attention, 007. Your Aston Martin Rapide is ready for you. All you need to do is tap the sapphire crystal face of this watch between numbers 8 and 9 on the dial and the car will open up. Do look after it, 007: this custom Jaeger-LeCoultre watch-cum-key isn't cheap.

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    Well I don't say all the overpriced upgrades here are just waste of money, some of them deserve that price....

    But thanks for sharing Peachy... good work.



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