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    Default "The Dirty Picture has a very different take on sexuality" - Emraan Hashmi

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    There's something strange about Emraan Hashmi's eyes that defies you not to be drawn in. He looks in your eyes for a second, recognises you, asks you what publication you write for and then says, "Begin". Then you look up to him and you see that sparkle in his eyes. No wonder the opposite sex can so quickly get drawn in. His mood is apparent - do not waste time and just shoot the questions. That's when you question - "That's how he must be on sets too right?"

    To be fair, he does try to be accommodating. But it is obviously something that doesn't come very easily to him. He lacks the smooth-talking, sound bite suaveness that defines so many of his contemporaries but believe you me, that's his forte, that's his panache.

    Hashmi is an actor down to the tiniest tick in his cheek. It consumes him, defines him even. His hollow-eyed intensity and commitment to his 'craft' speaks volumes about his in-depth performances. Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai was a start of a brand new association with Balaji Motion Pictures and The Dirty Picture is just going to take it one step further.
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