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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2011 Written Update

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    Part 1
    Epi starts with Jeetu bhai wishing Gopi on her bday and Gopi thanking him for remembering her bday. Urmila calls Rashi and tells her to stop Gopi from telling everybody abt her bday and she forces Jeetu to cut the call.
    Gopi cuts the phone and is sad, while Rashi goes to corridor and screams about rat, everyone comes to corridor. She points under the table and Gopi is worried looking at torn books. Gopi asks how it happened then Rashi tells it must be done by rat. Koki replies a rat cant tear the book like that but Rashi tries to cover saying its done by rat only. Hetal consoles Gopi that she will get new books and copies, Parag says rat will go by itself but Koki looks at rashi and says “I am sure this rat has come into our house to live here forever”

    Part 2
    Rashi goes to her room, calls Urmi and self appreciates how she fooled Modis. Then Rashi describes how she screamed abt rat and everyone in home believed it. Urmi praises her Kalakari dimag also tells her that Koki must have doubted you and she will be coming to you soon with some trick.
    In kitchen Hetal tells Koki that everything is fine here, so Koki says must be it in Rashi’s room I’ll check there and Gopi goes with Koki. In her room Rashi screaming like mad and jumping on her bed. Koki taunts how this rat is running around u only and goes downstairs to think about how to get rid of this rat. Koki n Gopi leave. Rashi calls again to Urmi and tells I got saved but still Koki has some doubt on me, Urmi says do wtever but make sure Gopi cant tell to anyone abt her bday.
    Koki calls Rashi downstairs, Rashi goes down and thinks Koki is superfast she got mousetrap so soon. Koki gives it to Rashi and orders u have to trap rat in it that too tonight. Rashi is worried.

    Part 3
    Rashi says how will I, Koki says u only can trap it as rat is following you. Hetal teaches Rashi how to use the mousetrap. Gopi offers her help to Rashi but Koki sends her to study instead of helping Rashi, then orders Rashi to close all doors and windows from inside so that rat cant run away and reminds her “tonight”
    In her room Rashi curses Koki, she must have some sixth sense how she got to know everything about my planning, calls Urmila how koki gave her a mousetrap to trap the rat which does not exist. Urmila assures her that i’ll get it for you as there are so many rats here in Rajpal Nagar.
    Urmila throws pieces of roti on floor, few ladies come and ask Urmi whether municipality has given her any contract to trap rats in rajpalnagar. Urmi tells them that she has to trap one rat which do lots of damage in her house daily.
    Then suddenly a rat comes inside and urmi tries to trap it (hillarious scene…as how urmi talks to it, and tries to catch it) but gets injury on her head. Finally urmi gets one basket and puts it on rat the bg was mindblowing like a win in a battle.

    Urmi comes to MM, Rashi asks abt rat, urmi tells a small bag is inside this big one and rat is in only. Urmi takes that small bag and suddenly Koki calls, Urmi gets scared.



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