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    Thumbs down 6 Bizarre Facials that Celebs Love

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    Celebrities will do anything to get that glow and remove those wrinkles. Angelina Jolie likes to get a Dracula face lift. Celebrities are now using cow brains, bull's semen and human placenta to look younger. Some are even putting yucky worms on their faces as an elixir for youth. Here are some ridiculous beauty treatments that celebs love

    Dracula facelift: Blood is injected to boost natural proudction of collagen to improve skin surface. The effects are short-lived. Says Dr Tejinder Bhatti, cosmetic surgeon "This is a bloody method, as blood is drawn from a special device and then injected and the skin is rejuvinated."

    Leech therapy: We've seen leeches crawl up faces of models in Khatron Ke Khiladi.
    This treatment is about having leeches feast on your blood to detoxify. Demi Moore tried it. Will you? The leeches have anti-clotting properties and can make blood vessels expand

    Venom facial: Want to look forever young, try a venom facial. This is natural botox, and stops wrinkles in its track. Says beauty expert, Komal Gulati, "Socialities will try any treatment that makes them look young. The mask tightens the pores and makes you glow." Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Minogue have also got venom facials.

    Human placenta facial: From Jennifer Lopez to Madonna, all get a placenta facial, with real human placenta from maternity wards rubbed into your skin. "This ritual is rich in protein and vitamins and amino acids," adds Bhatti. Louise Deschamps, skin-care specialist says she performs 20 to 25 placenta facials a week with regulars as Denise Richards and Megan Fox.

    Ice facial: Get ready to be frozen. You'll be in a room with a temperature of minus 130 degrees. "Sudden gushing of the blood produces the happy hormone and gets you that glow," adds Gulati.

    Geisha facial: The Japanese love this. The bird poop is used to beautify your face. Victoria Beckham loves this. The Geisha used to use this as a cleanser. It's been hailed as the wonder product for a smoother skin. "From New York to New Zealand, this spa treatment is really in vogue to get a spotless and young-looking skin."


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