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    Hi ,

    Please share the link, asi couldnt see it.


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    There first thing you need to know about fat is that not all body fat is bad. Body fat is needed by the body for a host of vital functions such as regulating body temperature or insulating your internal organs and bones. Excess fat becomes a problem when you are extremely overweight and protruding around the waist line, the long term health consequences can be very bad – obesity can contribute to problems with the liver, diabetes, and heart disease. So in your quest for healthier body weight, keep in mind that you will always have some fat on your body and that it is impossible to eliminate all fat from your body, so don’t obsess about being super thin or getting abnormally ripped. Don’t fall into the many lose belly fat quick gimmicks out there as there is no magical diet pill or plan that will make you waistline thinner. Have great abs is about proper diet and exercise and avoiding bad habits.



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