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    Default Sonu Nigamís worst critic

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    Sonu Nigam is his own worst critic. Last week, the singer, unhappy with his own voice, decided to re-record a song for Joe Rajanís Luv U Soniyo.

    A source informed that Nigam along with music director Vipin Patwa had already recorded the song, titled Pyar Tera for the film. ďAfter he heard the song, he was not very happy. So, Sonu called the music director and asked him to come to a studio in Andheri.

    He re-recorded the song entirely at his own expense and presented it to the music director. He did not charge for the song or the studio fee. Sonu said that he was not very happy with his own voice and wanted to do full justice to the song,Ē explained the source.

    When contacted, director Joe Rajan said, ďAccording to me, I thought he sounded good the first time. But since the music director and Sonu decided to redo it again, itís wonderful and now itís sounding super great. We are now awaiting the response of the song during the first teaser of the film, which releases with Bodyguard on August 31.Ē



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