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    Default Check out Priyanka Chopra's purple hair-do!

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    Priyanka Chopra, who recently announced her foray into the music industry, has dyed her hair purple.

    The lady had a day off from work recently and she got bored not knowing what to do. So she headed off to her hairdresser’s and got purple streaks.

    “Boredom struck!! Got purple streaks... Say whaaaaaaaa?” Priyanka wrote on a micro-blogging site.

    We say her new look would gel perfectly with her new vocation as a singer.

    In case you missed out, Priyanka Chopra has tied up with Universal Music Group to cut an album of her own. Not just that, Priyanka has also roped in Troy Carter, who is Lady Gaga’s manager.

    Priyanka says singing has always been a passion for her and now she gets to fulfil a dream by cutting her own music album. She adds that it would be a pop album with an interesting variety of songs.

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