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    Default Rakhi Sawant can't get enough of Baba Ramdev

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    Rakhi Sawant is back on TV, and this time she is at her sexiest best, and, need we say, bold as ever! Her show Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyan kicked off well, and now Rakhi wants to add some more masala in it. So, guess who she would have on her show? Her favourite Baba Ramdev.

    Thatís what the item girl claims! Earlier Rakhi declared in public that she wants to marry Baba and is in complete awe of his flat stomach and great physique. But as Rakhiís statements are often misconstrued, everyone right from the media to fans thought that she is joking. Ah! Rakhi sighs; she really likes Baba.

    She also respects him a lot because, as the reality TV star claims, no one respects people as Rakhi Sawant does. But why Baba, and why no other handsome guy!

    ďAfter I made that statement, everyone asked me ĎWhy Baba?í. I began questioning myself and felt weird. So Iíve invited him to my show and he is coming,Ē Rakhi tells a daily.

    Till now we have only seen Baba Ramdev doing yoga or take on corruption; now be ready to see him sitting on couch with Rakhi.

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    main kehta hoon baba k to maze ho gaye



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