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    Default Slumdog star's father asks for MORE MONEY

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    London: The father of 10-year-old Mohammed Azharuddin, who acted in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, has asked for more money from the makers of the film after it was revealed that the child would get less than ? 20,000 for his work.

    Azharuddin was paid 700 pounds during filming, while another 17,500 Pounds has been put into a trust fund which he will get, plus interest, when he is 18. His family will get a new house worth 20,000 Pounds reports dailymail.

    The father who gathers wood and is suffering from TB said the money is not enough and that director Danny Boyle should hand over the money immediately.

    He said, "My son has taken on the world and won. I am so proud of him but I want more money. They promised me a new house but it hasn't happened. I'm still in the slum. I want the money now, it is of no use later. Mr Boyle should take care of my son."

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    lol this man is mad. first he abuses his son and now he wants more money. well i guess he hasnt seen much money therefore he askes for it as soon as an opportunity arrises. thanks god im not danny boyle



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