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    Default Inzi rocks but this is hilarious. Part 1: Dear the diary, Today I am not is the f

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    Inzi rocks but this is hilarious.

    Part 1:

    Dear the diary,

    Today I am not is the feeling good. Some Indian fellow who is not the Andrew Flintoff getting me out two times. imagine! first time, I am fall. I think is because I not eat good that day (Sami hide his samosas from me again at breakfast). second time, somebody else who is not the andrew flintoff is stumping me from behind. This is not a good feeling thing. After match, one more English player who is not the Andrew Flintoff come and shake my hand. later, coach Boolmar tell me he is England captain. I do not know.

    Meantime, the Shahid Afridi is again angry at me. I am catching him staring at me with wild wild look in his eyes as he is tossing his hair in front of dressing room mirror. I am better to carry bat with me at all times, just in case the Shahid Afridi is becoming dangerous again.

    Now I am going to room and taking big big plate of biriyani to bed. this is my series-losing comfort food. I know I am better batsman than any England player. I will eat to gain strength and prove in next match.

    Part II:

    Dear the diary:
    Bismillah-e-Rehman-e-Rahim. First of all, thanks to Allah, yes the boys played well.. We is playing the good cricket nowadays, is blessing of God they boys are performing well.

    Is Yousuf is good form now, is making century in matches, so the inning giving good momentum, so other boys relaxed. Ya is my luck is bad luck and I am not scoring many runs, but the Yousuf taking the pressures off full team.

    The Afridi angry at team management for dropping him, but is not playing good, so how I can include him in team? The Razzaq is also not is good bowling, but the Gul is bowling nicely, is taking Lara wicket.

    Also another member of the team the Sami is angry with me, because he is not getting enough balls for practice, but then Afridi come to the room and told to Sami you use my balls for practice. Sami wants Afridi balls, but I say no, it is bad idea. Now I have to look after both husband and wife Afridi and Sami... I think I will ask the coach Boolmar for the help.

    But I have great idea now.. I am going to Jalal-ud-din's dhaba and is eating the kababs and mutton parathas. Is also drink 6 glasses of lassi, and eating some biryani. Then I talk coach Boolmar about team situation.

    Shabba khair, the diary!
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    lmao i love it from the top to the bottom wohoo phew lol



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