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    Default Naturally Add Text to an Environment

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    Skill Level: Advanced
    In this tutorial we値l use both Illustrator and Photoshop to place text into an environment.

    Open a new document in Illustrator and make a text box.
    Type your text in a large blocky font, and make it white.

    With your text box selected, click on Extrude and Bevel under the 3D effect option.
    At this point you値l want to have your landscape image open in Photoshop so you can make judgements about the angle and shading of the text, based on where you plan to position it in your image.

    In the Extrude and Bevel box, adjust the angle settings and the shading settings. Tick the Preview box to see the effects your adjustments are making to your text.
    You can now add some more words, and apply the extrude and bevel to them as well.
    We will be positioning the 羨RE word slightly higher than the previous word so have adjusted the angle accordingly.
    The 塑OU is positioned higher again, so I致e adjusted the angle again, and also altered the position of the light source .
    Once you are happy with your words, select them all and copy them.
    Then paste them into your image as smart objects, then rasterize them.
    Position all the words where you want them, and resize them accordingly.
    Because the 糎HERE is positioned over water we値l need a reflection for it. So, back in Illustrator, copy the word and reverse its x axis.
    Copy and paste the word into Photoshop.
    Rasterize it, position it below the first 糎HERE, and vertically flip it.
    To distort the reflection, first go to the Filter menu and choose Ripple. Set the amount to 300%.
    Then, apply a horizontal Motion Blur set to 25 pixels.
    Duplicate the reflection layer so you have two.
    Set the top one痴 blending mode to Overlay, and the bottom one痴 to Soft Light. Set both their opacity痴 to 50%.
    Group both the reflection layers into a folder and give the folder a layer mask. Use a gradient to blend the reflection into the water.
    We also need to give the 羨RE a reflection, so duplicate the layer and vertically flip it.
    Use the same Ripple effect and Motion Blur as before.
    And, again, duplicate the layer, setting one to Soft Light and one to Overlay. Then group the layers and give the group a layer mask to fade in the reflection.
    For the 塑OU we need a shadow rather than a reflection. Duplicate the layer, flip it vertically and use Image>Adjustments>Threshold set to max to turn it black.
    Use the Perspective and Scale Transform tools to make the shadow fall in the right direction.
    Then Motion Blur the shadow in the same direction.
    Add a Solid Color layer with a clipping mask above the shadow layer. use a blueish colour to match the other shadows in the image.
    Set the shadow layer痴 Opacity to 75%.
    Now click on your original image layer. We will be painting directly onto this layer now, so it might be a good idea to duplicate it so you have a backup in case you want to start again.
    Click on the Burn tool and set the Exposure to about 7%. Switch between Midtones and Shadows to build up a dark shadow under the 糎HERE text.
    Do the same underneath the 羨RE and 塑OU text.
    Next click on you 糎HERE layer, and use the Burn tool to add more shading to your letters.
    Add shading to all three of your words.
    When you池e done go back to your background layer, and apply a layer mask. We will be adding a Lens Blur to the background, but only the top area where the mountain is. So add a horizontal gradient in the layer mask going from black to white.
    Go to Filter>Blur>Lens Blur and choose Layer Mask as the source, and use the settings shown above.
    Click OK then go back and disable or delete the layer mask.
    Now we値l add Lens Blurs to all the texts.
    For the 塑OU set the Radius to 8.
    For the 羨RE set the Radius to 6, and for the 糎HERE set the Radius to 4.
    We池e almost done. Next we値l add some effects to strengthen the overall impact of the image.
    Above all the other layers, add a Black and White adjustment layer. Set the blending mode to Overlay and the Opacity to 60%. I used the Maximum Black preset.
    Finally we値l add a Lens Flare.
    Add a new layer above all the others and fill it with black.
    Go to Filter>Render>Lens Flare and position it in the preview box.
    Set the layers blending mode to Screen and the Opacity to 50%.
    And here痴 the final result.
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