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    Default Band of Boys dedicate a song in support of Anna’s cause

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    While we as a Band of Boys have stood up for a lot of things in our lives (for audiences, in serpentine lines to get our passports done, for ladies when they enter a room, etc. etc.) we’re happy to say that this time we stand up for something that makes us truly proud to be Indian and part of a movement that will hopefully change the face of modern India!
    Today we stand for self belief and change. Today we ‘stand’ to show them that we’re not going to take this ‘sitting down’ anymore. Today we stand for what the real people of our country stands for. Freedom from corruption and a ‘chalta hai’ attitude.
    Other than holding on to our values and resolving to stand strong through the tumultuous waves of corruption that sweeps this nation we thought it best to resort to the old adage that ‘music soothes the savage beast’ and hope that we can do just the opposite! Awaken the beast in us that will no longer choose to take the treatment meted out to us by the political system and the babus who are only keen in filling their coffers whilst emptying ours!
    Thus we give you a song inspired from the movie ‘Main azaad hoon’ and pray that the movement gathers enough steam to waylay the corrupt, the immoral and the those that suck this country dry. For strength lies in a strong belief and in numbers and this time we, the people, are empowered aplenty with both!
    Here’s ABOB’s heartfelt offering to you guys, hoping to inspire us all to change our awesome country and make it a force to reckon with!
    ...being a human...



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