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    Arrow 'Flop' Hurman Baweja kicked out.

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    'Flop' Hurman Baweja kicked out...

    Things are not looking good for the Baweja boy.

    After the great debacle of the big budget ‘Love Story 2050’ and then ‘Victory’, he’s got a kick from the proudcers of the super ambitious ‘Chenab Gandhi’.

    Now Sanjay Leela Bhansali's super ambitious project has a new lead actor and it’s none another than B-Town hot body John Abraham.

    Hurman was signed for the film last year and reportedly the current economic crisis is responsible for this new development.

    The producers wanted a saleable star and Harman isn’t in any way one at the moment.

    So reportedly after a meeting, Bhansali, Saregama's Madhu Mantena, along with the distributors took a decision to have Johnny boy in the lead role instead.

    The Saregama India co-produced film with Bhansali made on a whopping budget of Rs 35 crores also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan.

    If all goes well, this will be the actor's fourth film with Bachchan after ‘Viruddh’, ‘Aetbaar’ and ‘Babul’ and the second with the lady he was linked up with, Vidya Balan, during ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’.

    By the way, the movie’s not directed by Bhansali himself but by debutant Vibhu Puri.

    A source has said, "Right now, the producers and director haven't informed Hurman as yet. He's in Delhi and so, no-one will confirm this right now. They are waiting for him to come back. Then, they will break the news to him."

    While Bhansali said that the news is not true and Mantana laughed off the development by saying that Hurman will start Chenab Gandhi in May and it would be unfair to drop him now when his films are not doing well and John is actually doing another film with them called ‘1-800-LOVE’, the source confirms the new development.

    Harman of course has gone into a shell and wasn’t available for comment. Lots to feel bad for the Hrithik clone.

    All the filmi and multi-crore help from daddy Harry Baweja isn't helping him in any way. Time for a new back up plan, boy.

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