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    Cool [FS + FSN] CLASH OF THE GODS (Sub-En)

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    Clash of the Gods Reacquaint yourself with myths so powerful that they remain woven into the fabric of the present world, resonating with real-life relevance.

    Thousands of years ago, they were used to help frame the world of the ancients, and dictate the guidelines of their societies. Today, they are often the first stories we learn as children, iconic tales where good and evil clash, and humanity and fantasy collide. But what is the reality behind these stories? From the epic tragedy of Medusa, Greek mythology’s most infamous female fiend, to Hercules, its greatest action hero, and Hades, master of the land of the dead and a god so feared no one would speak his name, explore these myths and the legendary figures who inspired them in CLASH OF THE GODS.

    Each episode connects ancient myths to actual historical events, as well as to events in the Bible and other cultures’ mythologies, gaining important historical insight from renowned scholars in search of the truth behind the legends.


    Ancient Greece's most powerful god wages an epic struggle against his father for control of the universe. It's the ultimate Clash of the Gods as the Olympians challenge the Titans in mythology's greatest showdown. This is a pivotal battle that experts believe may have been ancient code for a real world event - one of the greatest natural disasters the Earth ever experienced.


    The tale of the strongest superhero in Greek mythology and his quest for redemption. To atone for committing a heinous crime, Hercules embarks on a series of impossible challenges known as the 12 Labors. Hercules endures as one of history's most influential demi-Gods, but recent archaeological discoveries suggest that mythology's strongest man may have been inspired by a real person.


    Go behind the veil of the ancient Greek belief in life after death to explore the myth of their most feared god - Hades - and those mortals who tried to cross his path. It is a chilling collection of tales about Hades and the underworld bearing his name, with eerie links to real world curses, ghosts and secret cults.

    The Minotaur

    A half-bull half-man freak of nature, the Minotaur is one of mythology's most terrifying monsters. A bizarre tale of bestiality, human sacrifice and war, the myth of the Minotaur endures as a symbol of the beast inside all men. But archeological research has uncovered clues suggesting the Minotaur and its terrifying labyrinth were just as much fact as they were fiction. Could they have been inspired by a real place that still exists to this day?


    Medusa was the most infamous female fiend in Greek mythology, whose look turned every living thing to stone. But what is the true story behind the snake-haired gorgon? Find out about this evil Gorgon's real world connection to human corpses and learn what clues the night sky holds concerning the origins of the tale of Medusa.

    Odysseus I

    Homer's The Odyssey ranks amongst the most famous epics ever written. Follow its archetypal hero, Odysseus, as he sets sail on a twenty-year journey to return home from battle to reclaim his wife and kingdom. It's a timeless tale of adventure, filled with mythological beasts, vengeful gods, and enchanting seductresses. But could it have actually happened? Underwater divers have uncovered remains that date back thousands of years and may be a direct link to the story of Odysseus.

    Odysseus II

    In part 2, we take a look at Odysseus, whom Homer made famous in "The Odyssey," including his adventures in light of astronomical and geographical evidence which bases the story on accurate real events.


    The story of the Viking world's most famous warrior, the legend of Beowulf is the ultimate tale of courage. Pit against thirsty invaders, barbaric monsters and a fire breathing dragon, Beowulf emerges as Norse mythology's greatest hero. But could this warrior have actually been real? Unearthed burial mounds and ancient carvings suggest the myth of Beowulf might have been more than epic legend.

    Tolkiens Monsters

    Enter creator J.R.R. Tolkien's fantastical world of hobbits, orcs and wizards, and uncover the real life influences that shaped his epic fantasy, "The Lord of the Rings."


    Idolized in ancient Norse mythology as the protector god, Thor battles evil ogres and a giant serpent bent on destroying mankind. It's the quintessential fight for survival that culminates in a final showdown between good and evil. But was the rise and fall of the hero Thor ancient code for something greater? Today, new discoveries unlock the hidden truth behind the Norse god of Thunder. Able to wield thunder from his hammer, Thor was the most revered of the Norse gods, from fending humanity from the giants that brought calamity, to his pursuit of the Midgard Serpent. Though, his fate is told to sealed during Ragnarök, it is actually the invasion of Christianity that proves far more damning to this mighty god.

    Technical Specs!

    • Video Codec: XviD ISO MPEG-4
    • Video Bitrate: 2050 kbps
    • Video Resolution: 704x400
    • Video Aspect Ratio: 1.760:1
    • Frames Per Second: 23.976
    • Audio Codec: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
    • Audio Bitrate: 128kb/s CBR 48000 Hz
    • Audio Streams: 2
    • Audio Languages: English
    • Subtitle Languages: English
    • RunTime Per Part: 44:50mins
    • Number Of Parts: 10
    • Part Size: 701 MB

    Episode 1
    Ep+01+Zeus.avi.__a 200.00 MB
    Ep+01+Zeus.avi.__b 200.00 MB
    Ep+01+Zeus.avi.__c 200.00 MB
    Ep+01+Zeus.avi.__d 101.73 MB
    Ep 01 Zeus.avi.__a
    Ep 01 Zeus.avi.__b
    Ep 01 Zeus.avi.__c
    Ep 01 Zeus.avi.__d
    Episode 2
    Ep+02+Hercules.avi.__a 200.00 MB 
    Ep+02+Hercules.avi.__b 200.00 MB 
    Ep+02+Hercules.avi.__c 200.00 MB 
    Ep+02+Hercules.avi.__d 100.58 MB
    Ep 02 Hercules.avi.__a
    Ep 02 Hercules.avi.__b
    Ep 02 Hercules.avi.__c
    Ep 02 Hercules.avi.__d 
    Episode 3 
    Ep+03+Hades.avi.__a 200.00 MB
    Ep+03+Hades.avi.__b 200.00 MB
    Ep+03+Hades.avi.__c 200.00 MB
    Ep+03+Hades.avi.__d 101.01 MB
    Ep 03 Hades.avi.__a
    Ep 03 Hades.avi.__b
     Ep 03 Hades.avi.__c
    Ep 03 Hades.avi.__d
    Episode 4
    Ep+04+The+Minotaur.avi.__a 200.00 MB
    Ep+04+The+Minotaur.avi.__b 200.00 MB
    Ep+04+The+Minotaur.avi.__c 200.00 MB
    Ep+04+The+Minotaur.avi.__d 101.02 MB
    Ep 04 The Minotaur.avi.__a
    Ep 04 The Minotaur.avi.__b
    Ep 04 The Minotaur.avi.__c
    Ep 04 The Minotaur.avi.__d
    Episode 5
    Ep+05+Medusa.avi.__a 200.00 MB
    Ep+05+Medusa.avi.__b 200.00 MB
    Ep+05+Medusa.avi.__c 200.00 MB
    Ep+05+Medusa.avi.__d 92.63 MB
    Ep 05 Medusa.avi.__a
    Ep 05 Medusa.avi.__b
    Ep 05 Medusa.avi.__c
    Ep 05 Medusa.avi.__d
    Episode 6
    Ep+06+Odysseus+I.avi.__a 200.00 MB
    Ep+06+Odysseus+I.avi.__b 200.00 MB
    Ep+06+Odysseus+I.avi.__c 200.00 MB
    Ep+06+Odysseus+I.avi.__d 101.02 MB
    Ep 06 Odysseus I.avi.__a
    Ep 06 Odysseus I.avi.__b
    Ep 06 Odysseus I.avi.__c
    Ep 06 Odysseus I.avi.__d
    Episode 7
    Ep+07+Odysseus+II.avi.__a 200.00 MB
    Ep+07+Odysseus+II.avi.__b 200.00 MB
    Ep+07+Odysseus+II.avi.__c 200.00 MB
    Ep+07+Odysseus+II.avi.__d 101.01 MB
    Ep 07 Odysseus II.avi.__a
    Ep 07 Odysseus II.avi.__b
    Ep 07 Odysseus II.avi.__c
    Ep 07 Odysseus II.avi.__d
    Episode 8
    Ep+08+Beowulf.avi.__a 200.00 MB
    Ep+08+Beowulf.avi.__b 200.00 MB
    Ep+08+Beowulf.avi.__c 200.00 MB
    Ep+08+Beowulf.avi.__d 101.03 MB
    Ep 08 Beowulf.avi.__a
    Ep 08 Beowulf.avi.__b
    Ep 08 Beowulf.avi.__c
    Ep 08 Beowulf.avi.__d
    Episode 9
    Ep+09+Tolkiens+Monsters.avi.__a 200.00 MB
    Ep+09+Tolkiens+Monsters.avi.__b 200.00 MB
    Ep+09+Tolkiens+Monsters.avi.__c 200.00 MB
    Ep+09+Tolkiens+Monsters.avi.__d 101.03 MB
    Ep 09 Tolkiens Monsters.avi.__a
    Ep 09 Tolkiens Monsters.avi.__b
    Ep 09 Tolkiens Monsters.avi.__c
    Ep 09 Tolkiens Monsters.avi.__d
    Episode 10 
    Ep+10+Thor.avi.__a 200.00 MB
    Ep+10+Thor.avi.__b 200.00 MB
    Ep+10+Thor.avi.__c 200.00 MB
    Ep+10+Thor.avi.__d 101.03 MB
    Ep 10 Thor.avi.__a
    Ep 10 Thor.avi.__b
    Ep 10 Thor.avi.__c
    Ep 10 Thor.avi.__d

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