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    Exclamation sin cara on smackdown 19th august

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    the sin cara on this episode of smacksown was not real the real sin cara is no more in wwe due to some issues he is now fired and now on this postion a new wrestler is given the name sin cara and have been bought on the show if u dont belive me just click on this link:- Incognito (wrestler) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    the previous sin cara was :- Místico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia this is not confirmed that the original man as gone but the man on the last friday night smackdown was not the real one now lets see if the original one is coming back or not..................

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    Dude this news is 30 days old. Were you sleeping
    Hunico (Jorge Arias) was playing the role of Sin Cara, when Sin Cara was terminated for 30 days because of Drugs issues. He is back now and performed in the live show yesterday. So get back on track dude

    P.S. From next time please post in the correct section. Moving the thread to the right section
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