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    Default BASIC INSTINCT redux: Is it intentional or inadvertent?

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    Sharon Stone would indeed be amused when she would hear that the act that she did in BASIC INSTINCT of crossing her legs inside the police station to show that she was nude beneath, would catch the fancy of the Hindi cinema starlets off-late. Indeed, for Sharon Stone it was a ploy used in the movie to sidetrack the police officer, but no such luxury seems to be available to the Hindi film starlets who have been doing it in a patterned manner.

    It all started with Yana Gupta when she appeared in a function with nothing beneath her skirts and not being shy about it as well. As a matter of fact when this news broke out, the kind of media bytes that were devoted to her, she was not able to muster, when she had burst into the world of Hindi cinema. Same seems to have happened in the case of Shamita Shetty, but when compared to Yana Gupta she did not get the same media bytes, which she might have desired, when she tried to follow in the footsteps of Yana Gupta. She was followed by Neetu Chandra, and the latest lady to join this act is Preeti Jhangiani, when she repeated the act done by Yana Gupta of not wearing anything below her skirt, as was evident during the promos of her husband's film SAHI BANDE GALAT DHANDE.

    Is there a psychology behind the act? Indeed, when one runs through the list of the actors who have been caught in their act in the public or who have allowed the public to catch them in the act, were to be gleaned into, there certainly is a motive, the motive of publicity, as all these four ladies, otherwise do not have any presence in the film that could provide them some kind of a media byte or open a window of opportunity to act in films, which otherwise is not coming to them at all.

    It appears to be an act of desperation as Sharon Stone never repeated her act in the public domain through cinema, though privately she might have done it and she may have been caught by the paparazzi doing it. It also underlines the fact that paparazzi in India is also gravitating to the postures that their western counter parts have in different parts of the world, of not allowing the public figures to have their moments of privacy, even though knowingly or unknowingly they might have committed an act which may not be approved by the public.

    Moot point is, that what has happened need not become a regular feature in the Indian context, though there could be score of female who may like to do what their peers like Yana, Shamita, Neetu Chandra and Preeti Jhangiani did.

    In India the notion of beauty gets enhanced through concealment, as nothing entices more than concealment, that titillates the amorous nature, therefore if the purpose is titillation, then our stars who have done this act should look no further but our classical treatise to do it in an elegant manner.

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