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    Default The Rock said congrats to Alberton Del Rio on Twitter

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    This is what the Great One said "The Rock Says Congrats. To WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio On His Twitter:

    "Congrats Alberto Del Rio - New WWE Champion. Pero sabes que te puedo partir la madre, pinche guey!"


    hahahaha that shit had me rolling!!!

    So it was in spanish so for those of you who don't speak it I'll translate what The Great One said
    " But you do know that I can Kick your ****en ass" but pinche guey is kind of like saying Stupid ass but that's a Mexican slang
    and yes The Rock knows spanish thanks to Eddie Guerrero and spanish classes

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    Haha i think The Rock is glad that he is new champion.

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    THANX for sharing, lol

    because i am the MIZ and i'm AWESOME!!!!



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