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    Post Batista Returning To WWE ?

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    Do you see Batista returning to the WWE with the new direction the company has been going in?

    I am assuming you are talking about WWE testing the waters by "turning it up" a couple notches in regards to their PG initiative when you discuss the "new" direction. While the company certainly hasn't abandoned PG yet, they have put more "attitude" in their programming during the summer. Vince McMahon also admitted their family-friendly movie "That's What I Am" (which featured Randy Orton) did not "play" to the company's audience. How does all this relate to Batista? Batista said in June he is "boycotting" WWE PG and called it "watered down" art. He has also said he would like to return to WWE "some day." I have maintained since Batista left WWE he will come back for a retirement tour so I expect him to return even though he is 42-years-old.

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    who replied to this question??? He will return but not soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajstyless View Post
    who replied to this question??? He will return but not soon



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