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    Default The Sisters Of Mercy - A Merciful Release (2007)

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    The Sisters Of Mercy - A Merciful Release (2007) (3CD Box Set)
    Label: Rhino, Merciful Release | 3CD | MP3 320 kbps | ~ 570 MB
    Genre: Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Powerpop, Post Punk, Dance Rock

    Three CD boxset featuring the digitally remastered and expanded versions of the Sisters Of Mercy's classic albums The First And Last And Always (originally released in 1985, now featuring six bonus tracks), Floodland (originally released in 1987 and now featuring five bonus tracks) and Vision Thing (originally released in 1990 and now featuring five bonus tracks). Originally, The Sisters Of Mercy were part of the UK's popular Goth Rock scene of the mid '80s. Although they remained true to their Gothic roots, each release showed a musical maturity that earned them international fame and a wider audience. 41 tracks total including 'This Corrosion', 'Marian', 'Lucretia My Reflection', 'Ribbons', 'Doctor Jeep' and more.

    When WEA International remastered, expanded, and re-released the first three Sisters of Mercy albums in late 2006, fans received excellent upgrades with much better sound, great bonus tracks, and beautiful packaging. Behind the scenes there were finally signs that record labels were once again caring about Andrew Eldritch's infamous goth rock band and signaling that the door was open for a new album. If it was a step forward, the three-CD box A Merciful Release, released in early 2007, is at least a half-step back, one of those seedy record company moves that sent the temperamental Eldritch into an unproductive world he shares with My Bloody Valentine and Guns N' Roses. The remastered editions of First and Last and Always, Floodland, and Vision Thing are simply thrown into a flimsy box with nothing new added. Fans who have kept up with the reissues are cheated out of the flimsy box, which isn't nearly as bad as being cheated out of a new album, a problem they've dealt with for well over a decade. Anyone who sat out the remasters need only worry about the spotty Vision Thing, which actually sounds much more powerful here since everything is much bigger sonically. Any high score A Merciful Release earns is because of their classic debut and the epic Floodland both making Vision Thing sound like a bonus disc in comparison. They're huge, important, and authoritative when it comes to goth rock, and are given a new life by the amazing improvement in sound quality. Don't think you're getting the whole story, since so many of the Sisters' great moments were on singles that aren't included here. Still, until the definitive Sisters box is released, this is an easy way to consume two amazing albums and a third that now just misses the mark.


    CD 1: First and Last and Always (1985/2006)

    01. Black Planet [4:27]
    02. Walk Away [3:25]
    03. No Time To Cry [4:03]
    04. A Rock And A Hard Place [3:34]
    05. Marian [Version] [5:44]
    06. First & Last & Always [4:02]
    07. Possession [4:39]
    08. Nine While Nine [4:12]
    09. Amphetamine Logic [4:54]
    10. Some Kind Of Stranger [7:34]
    11. Poison Door [3:41]
    12. On The Wire [4:21]
    13. Blood Money [3:13]
    14. Bury Me Deep [4:44]
    15. Long Train [7:31]
    16. Some Kind Of Stranger (Early Version) [8:38]

    CD 2: Floodland (1987/2006)

    01. Dominion/Mother Russia [7:00]
    02. Flood I [6:23]
    03. Lucretia My Reflection [4:57]
    04. 1959 [4:14]
    05. This Corrosion [10:55]
    06. Flood II [6:46]
    07. Driven Like The Snow [6:28]
    08. Never Land (A Fragment) [3:00]
    09. Torch [3:55]
    10. Colours [7:23]
    11. Never Land (Full Length) [12:00]
    12. Emma [6:21]

    CD 3: Vision Thing (1990/2006)

    01. Vision Thing [4:36]
    02. Ribbons [5:29]
    03. Detonation Boulevard [3:49]
    04. Something Fast [4:32]
    05. When You Don't See Me [4:54]
    06. Doctor Jeep [4:42]
    07. More [8:23]
    08. I Was Wrong [6:12]
    09. You Could Be The One [4:01]
    10. When You Don't See Me (Remix) [4:44]
    11. Doctor Jeep (Extended Version) [8:59]
    12. Ribbons (Live) [4:26]
    13. Something Fast (Live) [3:03]




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