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    Default Details/Photos : 'Not A Love Story'

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    Friday Release: 'Not A Love Story' a hair-raising, gruesome film

    Maria Susairaj case inspires NALS: Ram Gopal Varma's upcoming film 'Not A Love Story' is said to be a reel adaptation of the sensational and brutal killing of TV producer Neeraj Grover. A Mumbai sessions court sentenced Emile Jerome to 10 years in jail while Kannada actress and Jerome's girlfriend Maria Susairaj has been given three years in jail in the case.

    Friday Release: 'Not A Love Story' a hair-raising, gruesome film

    Mahi Gill is said to be playing the role of Maria Susairaj, Deepak Dobriyal her boyfriend Jerome, and Ajay Gehi plays Neeraj Grover.

    Friday Release: 'Not A Love Story' a hair-raising, gruesome film

    The trailer of the Ram Gopal Varma movie was launched on June 30 along with 'Delhi Belly'. Jerome, a former naval officer, has been convicted for culpable homicide not amounting to murder under Indian Penal Code Section 304 (Part 1) and destruction of evidence under Section 201. Maria has been convicted for just destruction of evidence.

    </center> Friday Release: 'Not A Love Story' a hair-raising, gruesome film

    The story of the film: In the summer of 2008, an aspiring actress was doing the rounds of the Mumbai film industry. In the course of her efforts, she met a man who lent her a helping hand.

    Friday Release: 'Not A Love Story' a hair-raising, gruesome film

    In the film, the actress gets into a relationship with a man who helps her in spite of already having a boy friend back in her home town.

    Friday Release: 'Not A Love Story' a hair-raising, gruesome film

    "It was just a long vacation." This is how composer Sandeep Chowta describes the long gap in working with filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma (RGV), for whom he has scored the background music in 'Not A Love Story' after 'Company' in 2002.

    The gory trailer of the film shows how Mahie Gill and her fiance Deepak Dhobrial murder Ajay Gehi and burn his body pieces in a jungle.

    Varma is no stranger to films with a biographical slant. His last release Rakht Charitra raised quite a bit of heat and dust for being the exact replication of the life and times of the Andhra Pradesh politician-outlaw Paritala Ravi.

    "This is a story of two very ordinary people. The girl in the film is a very simple girl, the ones I meet regularly in course of my career. One fine morning, how these simple people can go completely bizarre and do such a terrible thing, which a normal person cannot imagine," Ram Gopal Varma said in an interview.

    The cine-wings of Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena had warned the filmmakers and TV channels against casting Maria Susairaj, a convict in the 2008 Neeraj Grover murder case.

    Ram Gopal Varma had said that he was interested in casting Maria for a role in his next film.

    Maharashtra Navnirman Cine Workers' Association also opposed casting of Maria in Bigg Boss.

    Former Navy officer Emile Jerome was awarded rigorous imprisonment of 10 years in the murder case while his girlfriend Maria, who was sentenced for three years, walked free out of jail, as she has already spent the term behind the bars.

    Ram Gopal Varma had lodged a complaint against the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha for threatening him after he expressed his desire to cast Kannada actress Maria Monica Susairaj, convicted for the murder of a television executive, in his film.

    Friday Release: 'Not A Love Story' a hair-raising, gruesome film

    Varma said the reason why he wanted to do film inspired by the Susairaj incident is because he heard suddenly in 2008 of a man and woman killing and cutting up a man's body into pieces. "When you think of it, you wonder what could've prompted this behaviour. I wanted to capture the psychology behind the crime. That's why I made Not A love Story," Varma said.

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