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    Default Unreleased iPhone 5 Already Has A Chinese Clone

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    The unreleased next-generation Apple iPhone reportedly already has a China-made iPhone 5 clone, a report from Gizmodo reveals.

    In a report published yesterday, Gizmodo released some pictures sourced from Chinese site saying that the pictures show a phone “claimed to be an iPhone 5 clone made by a factory in Shenzhen, China, right where the actual iPhone 5 is being produced.”

    Gizmodo says that the iPhone 5 clone “could be very close to the real thing” and cites its form matching the previously reported iPhone 5 case by 9to5Mac.

    Earlier, a photo of a green silicone case surface through another report by 9to5Mac and hinted that the next-generation iPhone will have a thinner body and tapered edges like the design of the current iPod Touch.

    Furthermore, the iPhone 5 clone is reported to be only 7mm thick, which definitely aligns with expectations that the iPhone 5 will be thinner than its predecessor.

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