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    Default Emraan Hashmi INJURED in Eye

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    There's more to Emraan Hashmi than his lover boy image. Last week, he injured his right eye severely while doing a stunt scene for Kunal Deshmukh's Tum Mile but is still shooting for the film despite pain and discomfort.

    A source close to the production house said, "A huge set has been erected inside at an old factory on LBS Marg in Mulund. The film has the backdrop of the 26/7 Mumbai floods and Mumbai roads have been created accordingly. The set has also been filled with three feet water so as to get the effect of flooded roads. The water level and the long shooting schedules have created muck on the sets. It?s while shooting here for a stunt scene that Emraan slipped and fell. He banged into a wooden ply and hurt the area above his right eye very badly. Thankfully, he didn?t hurt his eye but his eyelid has been cut badly and his eye is swollen."

    Emraan is in great pain but being a true professional, he has continued with the shoot. The source added, "Emraan is taking antibiotics and getting on with the shoot. However, the actor can barely see from his right eye. Since make up is not enough to mask the injury, Emraan is shooting with his shades. Also, Kunal is canning only long shots of the actor. Emraan's doctor will be extracting liquid from the injured area to reduce the swelling. But if that doesn't work, the actor will have to undergo surgery."

    Emraan Hashmi confirmed the news and said, "Yes it is true that I have badly injured my eye and I might have to go through the surgery if it does not heal. However, I am playing the waiting game and hoping that everything becomes ok in the next couple of days."



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