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    Default After Maria, Jerome Matthews sends legal notice to RGV

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    Just last week, we had reported Maria Susairaj's legal notice to Ram Gopal Varma. Now, it is the turn of Jerome Matthews to follow suit. The accused in Neeraj Grover's murder case, Jerome, sent the notice on Saturday asking RGV not to release his film Not A Love Story, as he felt that he has been projected in a negative light in the film. The said notice reads that he (Jerome) has ample evidence that the film is based on the sensational Neeraj Grover murder (that took place on 7th May 2008) and that it will hamper the image of his family, when people see the film.

    News has it that he has accused not just RGV but also the said film's producer Sunil Bohra of believing reports put out by the media and not verifying facts. The said also stated that all the publicity materials should be withdrawn within 24 hours and the release of the film be stopped, failing which, Ramu will have to face severe legal action. On the other hand, the film's producer Sunil Bohra said, that his film is a work of fiction and that he has no clue as to why Maria and Jerome have sent them legal notices. The final word belonged to RGV, who said that his lawyers, who are studying the notice, will give an appropriate reply in a couple of days.



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